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Gina and I Need Your Halp January 25, 2011

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So, here’s the dealio.  Gina and I go rounds, similar to Nolte and Co. in the past, about general picking up around the house.  A recent situation has brought me to you.  I need to know, who’s right/who’s wrong in this scenario:

Portia likes things very tidy in her 900.  Ellen leaves crap here and there quite a bit, but does enjoy tidiness as well.  Ellen’s w-2’s came for her staff.  She left them by the front door, awaiting stamps.  They stayed there for 5 to 7 days (they can’t agree on that point).  Portia took the w-2’s and put them on her shelf in the hutch, placed under a stack of her papers, 3/4 of an inch.  When Ellen inquired to their whereabouts, Portia said she did not know where they were.  Ellen got on the horn to the payroll people to request new ones.  While talking to the payroll rep. Portia went digging in the hutch, under her stuff and “found” the w-2’s.  She was mad at Ellen for not looking better.

I need everyone to weigh in on this.  I, Frog know that neither of us are totally in the right here, but I need to know who is Less Right.  Here’s your poll:


A few tings, including A POLL!!! November 4, 2010

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Our computair is working again and I went in and cleaned up alllllll my ‘uncategorized’ entries.  Sakes alive, I write a lot of posts!

First:  “Black” is not even in PJ’s top 20 best songs, MHar.  Sorry. 

Second:  That picture I took downtown is pretty good when I looked at it on the computair instead of my iPhone!  I had some prints to order from the Costcos so I added a big one of it to see how it looks enlarged.

Third:  I might consider “Go” by PJ in the top 10 of their best.  Maybe.

Fourth:  But “Corduroy” is #4 I do believe.  Or perhaps “Given to Fly.”  It’s close, friends, close.

Fifth:  You what this blog needs more of?  More polls!

Here’s one for y’all:


New! Daily! Poll! July 6, 2010

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Clue:  Which would give Toad the biggest heartburn?


New! Weekend! Poll! June 12, 2010

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We’re going with the 70’s TV theme polls here readers!  Pick one.  There’s something for everyone!


New! Daily! Poll! June 11, 2010

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My friend Prune Pits and I used to “play” all kinds of TV shows.  Did you?  Here’s a poll for you.  Pick one.  No bitching.   I even threw in the dudes.


New! Daily! Poll! – Hairy Pothead June 10, 2010

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Pick all that apply.  No bitching.


The Readers have spoken – New! Daily! Poll! June 9, 2010

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iCount – some blog swag is heading to W’ville.