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All Ages Show June 6, 2011

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Our third annual picture of Hattie and Darcelle.  Two beauties, yes?

Hattie with Godmother Maria

Maria brought her up on stage before the show.  Hattie is famous, you see.

She walked back to her seat all by herself.  Is it weird that Hattie knows her way around Darcelles?  This is a decent picture of the outfit.  Mini Boden dress, Hanna ribbed capris and some plain sandals.   Do I need to say it?  Vair cute.

She sat and watched almost the whole show.  This was after a solid 45 min of just hob-nobbing with the drag queens.  On top of that, she only had a 10 minute nap!  We thought for sure she would melt down, but she was a star.

We are headed to Sunriver for a few days with Grammy and Papa.  Yesterday I bought a Burley bike trailer and I plan to get a bike in Sunriver.  I hope to have Hattie feeding the horses at the stables tomorrow morning.  Swimming too!


ART SHOW! May 30, 2011

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We did this once before but she didn’t seem too thrilled.  But today after an outing, she asked “Art show…” and she had out the string and clothes pins.  So, we got out the portfolio and made some selections.  Then I got on the phone and invited Hattie’s biggest fan and neighbor, John.  She was very proud.  I have a feeling that tomorrow at school she will be very prolific.  Next thing you know, we will part of Mt. Tabor’s art walk (whatever that is).  Look at that little face.

What this picture doesn’t do justice to is her pants.  These little capris deserve a great big mention on le blog.  They are super light and genie-ish.  They are outlandishly cute, but very hard to depict here.  They came in black and gray.  We got both.  Then tonight we went back (forementioned outing) and got 2 more pair in the next size up- for next year!  I know it’s crazy, but super cool genie pants don’t come along every day.

In “Hattie’s New Favorite Activity” news, this is Hattie’s new favorite activity.  She corners Tony while he lounges and she covers him with every available blanket, and perhaps her doll (pictured here Exorcist style).  Tony is extremely patient but loses interest eventually which she has a tough time understanding.  Some day I believe Tony will voluntarily climb into bed with her and grace her with his best farts all night long.  He’s a good friend.

In Alicia’s Dreams news- I had a blog worthy dream.  Actually, it was a portion of the dream which was blog worthy and I was reminded of it reading Toad’s “Naked with Garlic Bread” nightfiasco.  A week or so ago I found myself (in my dreams) amongst different restaurants in dire need of a bathroom.  I thought McDonalds would be quick and easy, so I went in.  Their bathroom was back in the cook’s area of the restaurant.  I had to go so bad that I went in the tiny one room toilet and started to go before I realized that one entire side of the wall next to the toilet was windows.  They faced a small alleyway which looked directly into someone’s dining room.  So I was peeing about 12 feet from someone’s dining room, separated only by their window and mine.  Whoever’s house this was had a great sense of humor because they had about 6 life size cut out figures of people laughing.  I was initially comforted by the fact that these were cardboard until a real person walked through the room and started watching me.  I hadn’t noticed that I was going to the bathroom on a toddler seat and when I tried to stand and pull up my pants quickly, the seat came off the toilet and got sandwiched between me and my underwear.  The person watching from his dining room let me know that this was truly the funniest thing he had ever seen.  Which was saying a lot when you have that view from your dining room.

That’s all for now.


Warning: Detailed Account of Frog’s Dream May 19, 2011

In lieu of xanax and other nerve-calming drugs, I have taken to setting my ipod to my “sleep” playlist and listening to the likes of “Zen” and other random cd’s you can find at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Plus, the stress I anticipated yesterday surrounding a meeting was greatly alleviated when the moody case manager decided to not tear into me, my staff or client’s guardian.  And by moody, I mean full-blown personality disorder.  If I didn’t like her so much I would really resent the daily eggshell walk.  But, just when I feel some relief with a work situation, I have this bizarro dream that I was working where Toad works and I was nothing short of “special needs” for lack of a better phrase.  It was time for some big time meeting and we all had to go into this special room which was locked.  Each employee going to the meeting had a badge- honeywell style and had to punch in a code.  I had been told the code but could not remember it for the life of me.  Then,  I went to follow Toad into the room, hoping she could hold the door for me.  But no!  Maybe we shouldn’t go to the Hall of Fame!  I was left walking around the uninvited employees asking for the code.  Lo! and behold! My aunt, the one in the throes of dementia tried to tell me several times, but I still couldn’t get it.  It kept changing every time it was told to me.  Well, eventually I got in and then the freak show started.  The first room was like a spa, where everyone had to take off their shoes, bathe their feet, walk in salt and then put their salty feet in some spa slippers for the meeting.  Then in the next room- boardroom style, the “executives” came in one at a time and sat at one end, with their backs to the table.  This is where that stupid show The Voice comes in.  The execs would dramatically turn around one at a time, introducing themselves.  Of course I had the misfortune of sitting in the middle of the execs, but facing the table.  It occurred to me in my dream how stupid it all was and I couldn’t stop laughing.  But, I felt bad for Toad who I think I embarrassed badly.  Sorry about that Toad.  But next time you should hold the door for your special needs friend.

You know what makes it all better?

This little Nannerpuss.  It is a …  wait for it… Mini Boden dress with Hanna ribbed capris, just in time for a sunny spring day like today!  Shoes pictured are Lelli Kelly’s and though they are bejewelled, Hattie considers them to be inferior to her now-to-small light up shoes.  She refers to these as “broken” since the over the top psychadelic sequins don’t requrire a power source.

Yesterday I reassembled her crib and removed all 1,000 of the Elmo stickers from the wood.  I put a nice masculine green sheet on it and rounded up all her semi-boyish blankets and plush toys.  We are set.  She would like to know where the baby is now.  We have talked to her about it several times.  The crib is a good conversation starter.  But, I imagine she thinks of this phantom baby as something that will only be around from time to time.  How could she ever conceptualize the reality?  This will all be interesting.

In dog news, Paco is sick.  He spent a day and a half throwing up and not eating.  We took him to the vet yesterday.  $242 later, we still don’t know what’s wrong, but they did give him some fluids and some meds to make him less nauseous.  This morning he ate a little of the food they sent home for him.  Now I must wait to capture the elusive stool sample.  They sent a dixie cup home for this.  A dixie cup!  Do they want me to return it in that?  Anyway, I know you must be worried.  Here he is, looking pitiful:

It could just be a case of missing his BFF Bailey.

Today I have no meeting and the sun is out.  It’s a good day.


Happy Mother’s Day May 8, 2011

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It has been so long since we have had any mention of Hattie’s closet.

I was particularly excited about this ensemble since it has the feeling of summer.  Well, at least spring.  Sunny spring.  This was Wednesday.  She came home and I replaced the pants with shorts while she played in the sandbox and we met with the lady from Boys and Girls Aid about #2 adoption.  But seriously, the outfit here is the real headline.  Can you see the shoes match PERFECTLY?  Zappos loves me.  I dreamt about Hattie’s shoes last night.  I have some Lelli Kelly’s on order from Zappos and I dreamt that they came and one was a size 4 and the other a size 5.  She wears a 7 these days.  Plus, they were mismatched in design.  I was tres disappointed in Zappos last night.  But when I woke, I remembered that her pristine Lelli Kelly’s are still on their way and will likely be the perfect size and cute as can be.  Yesterday I went through her closet.  When said ‘adoption lady’ saw Hattie’s closet she was very shocked at the number of dresses hanging.  Clearly she does not read this blog.  It was a little embarrassing.  I didn’t mention that the dresses crammed in there tightly are just a fraction of her summer wardrobe.  In case you were wondering how I am doing with this illness, you can find the answer by asking yourself how nurse Jackie is doing with her opiate addiction these days.  The good news?  She has several outfits for every kind of weather between now and Halloween.  Even better is that packing for Disneyland will be so easy.  We leave on Tuesday and return Saturday.  It’s a short trip for us but I think it will be the perfect length.  I will likely send some pictures.  Stand by.

Regarding Cafe Yumm.  Yes, Quinny talks about Cafe Yumm more than I talk about Hattie’s clothes.  I haven’t even been there and I love it.  Stupid Yumms are all on the west side.  We did look into the franchise just out of curiousity.  Now that would be an investment of power on Hawthorne, no?  Too bad my investment funds are tied up in toddler clothes and Disneyland tickets.

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers who read.  And a special Happy Mother’s Day to Quinny.  It’s her first.  Jobie has grown into Hank the Tank under her care after being born weighing 4lbs 3oz.  You are a good mom, Quinny.  Have I mentioned that she is moving to Portland?  She will be looking for somewhere to live, so if anyone out there knows of a place on the east side for rent, let us know.  Also, she will be doing hair in case anyone out there is in need of a new stylist.

Now I will close with a picutre of Tito:

So handsome!


Picture of Hattie and Two More Cents April 14, 2011

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She wanted to show her tongue.  She is very proud of it lately.  We just spent about 5 minutes brushing it after her teeth.  In case you were wondering, she’s wearing a Catimini dress and brain-hum shoes.  Brain-hum shoes won’t fit much longer.  I am needing to beef up her shoe wardrobe pdq.  We got 5 pr from Zappos 2 days ago and 2 of them were too small.  She is wearing 6.5 now and these were 7’s- too small.  Hmph.  Luckily I was able to send them back out with the UPS man when he brought my coverlet and comforter cover to the door.  Love Zappos.

Toad, I attack your insurance because I have Kaiserbrain.  That’s when someone is vair happy with their all inclusive service and insurance.  To the Kaiserbrain, they are as one.  I know it’s not fair to euqate a doctor’s shortcomings with the insurance they take.  That said, do you now know what strike one is?  Now that I think about it, I think my comments are fueled in part by the afternoon I spent at the Providence ER with Jourdan (my staff) just recently.  I took her there when one of her dogs took a chunk out of her leg when she tried breaking up a fight (yikes!).  Her insurance is Providence.  Toad, I’m not kidding when I say that every person that frequents a 5 block radius around your work building was at the Providence ER.  We sat elbow to elbow with a lady having a full-on conversation with herself a they guy that simply smelled bad.  Oh dear, it was bad.  Did I mention that it was packed?  We were lucky to find 2 seats together.  Now that I think about it, that is exactly where my comments are from.  Kaiser, man.  And I know how crazy that sounds.

We went to see Billy Elliot last night.  Toad, I got the events wrong- she is planning a movie with friends on Friday and the play was last night.  The play was MEH.  But, I am fascinated with children performers.  The talent and focus for even the youngest is just amazeballs.  The lead was incredible.  I guess there are 4 boys who switch out nights.  But, the play itself- eh.

Ok then


My Afternoon March 18, 2011

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This is what I have for Hattie’s closet.  When she gets home from school the clothes come off, then we spend about 45 minutes trying to at least get her underpants on.  We can safely say that she is in the nekkid phase of toddlerhood.

She took this picture of me:

Then I took this of her:

She moves a lot.


Purple Sweatsuit, Alert the Media March 1, 2011

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We are really wanting a sunny day around here.  At least it’s not raining.  She has chosen to knock around our barren backyard in leiu of visiting Marley this afternoon.  She is using her dustmop on the pavers.  In Hattie’s closet news, this is our new favorite outfit.  It is, wait for it…a Mini Boden set that fits perfectly and is so nice for cold days.  I think it’s super comfy for her, too.  We will be purchasing the pink as well.  She doesn’t do too many sweatsuits, as I think they often look too sloppy or too hoochie-mama.  The last cool sweatsuit she had was a while back from Bailey’s mom.  That does not fit any more.