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Kids 4 sale! May 7, 2011

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The CotC are being very naughty today. It doesn’t happen often, but today they’re pulling out all the stops. I got soooooo mad I sent them both to their rooms. B doesn’t care because he just grabs a book and reads. Z cares, and tears up shit in his room. Or kicks the door.

Then we have a problem.

So we’ve got one grounded from video games for the rest of the day. And one who is about to be grounded from life any minute.

I actually started to use the powers of emotional manipulation and extreme passive aggressive victimhood before i got my shit together and turned up the car radio and shut my pie hole.

So, three of us are jerks today. SIGH.

The FotC just picked up Z and I’m having Quiet Time at B’s aeronautics class. Lerd Jebus, please quiet my soul by 3pm before I drive my kids into a river and blame it on blackie. Please dear Lerd, being peace to my heart before I drive them down a country road and shoot, and blame it on the hippies.

And please dear lerd, keep them off the innernets and away from googling the Menendez Brothers.


Cleaning, pill popping, and new vocab August 1, 2010

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Don’t you hate it when you take pills and they don’t go all the way down and you can feel them in your gullet for hours? I HATE THAT. I took my morning four percocet with the voddy chaser and they are sitting in my throat, harshing my mellow.

Ok, it was really walgreens faux-excedrin, with a water chaser. But still annoying in my throat!! The goooo news is my headache is gone.

What else? Oh yes: I have a date with Alicia Monday night to see the Joan Rivers movie. Living Room Theaters, 5:10, if anyone wants to join. I am vair excited. A) Joan Rivers movie! 2) seeing Alicia.

This weekend has been uber productive. Mostly j. But I helped a little. We did a major clean out of both boys rooms- books and clothes. It feels good to purge. B got some new shelves in his room, built by J, and it’s a big improvement. Too bad he’s been sleeping in Z’s room for months. Hey…maybe I can convert to a room for me…!

What else? Oh yeah baby: mad men and true blood. A Sunday trifecta. But with two. Duafecta? Bifecta?


HERROW NUTTING! July 27, 2010

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Greeting and Salutations!

Today I am wearing my most hated shirt of all time – mostly because A) it required no ironing and 2) it matched my brown pants. I’ve received three rave compliments on it. I think perhaps I need a fashion makeover. Or I need to rethink my color palatte.

So, I watched the Mad Men last night. Fab-o-la, although I did realize I was missing a whole lot of subtleties. TLo to the rescue. Not only do they have whip-smart fashion sense, they also do TV recaps vair vair and three times vair well. This is another good run-down Froggie:

It’s called TV Club and they write letters/entries to eachother and bounce idears and opinions off eachother. It’s required reading on Mondays! Bookmark it!

What else? In Operation Reduce – Home, we are taking on our Office Room of Doom. (When we moved into the house Bennie called it the Office Room, and the name has stuck.) It’s by the front door and it’s a shit-hole of the first order. When we have parties we shut the door and hope no one goes in. In addition, we both HATE working in there so it’s not really an “office.” I added the “of Doom” for flair, because I am very flairish, if you haven’t noticed. I was a little inspired by Sauly’s Girl Cave at her house this month, but that dream will never come to fruition at Chez Y. She has a great work table w/all her craft stuff out on the table. “We” prefer clean surfaces, and by “we” I do not mean me. But marriage is a team effort so I *try* to have the clean surfaces and J., well, he tries not to throat-punch me on a daily basis when I commit such atrocities as…putting my purse on the kitchen island!! Or when I commit the capital offense of leaving my knitting on the couch!! Or…clutch your pearls readers, when I TAKE OFF MY SHOES IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM. We are like Oscar and Felix, me and J…I’m the Jack Klugman one and he’s the effete neat freak. Ah well, such is life.

Hey J., I’m just jokin’ here! I don’t know if you’re reading anymore, but it’s all in good fun. You’re not effete! And I’m not really like Jack Klugman. I don’t moke cigars!

I really have no other news. I’m going to Knitting Group at work today to make everyone uncomfortable with my HR-iness and my dead-dog ugly shirt.. Yay me!


This Week, on Hoarders… July 11, 2010

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People! It’s time to reveal a hidden shame. My closet. It’s a cluster of the first order. I can’t find anything, it’s overflowing and did I mention I share this closet with J.? But that’s a topic for Next Week, on Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners.

This morning J manipulated me into doing something about it. He pulled out everything and put it on the bed and I had to sort, weed and cull like there was no tomorrow. He did all the hard manual labor and I did the hard emotional labor in getting rid of SHIT I’VE HAD FOR WAY TOO LONG.

I got rid of four bags of clothes, found some shorts I was obsessively looking for last week and can now actually see what I have. It was like a free shopping trip – my favorite kind!



Weekend Update, sans Seth and Amy April 11, 2010

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Hello Kitty Kats!  Did you miss me?  Anyone?  Anyone?

I’ve had a nice weekend and there’s lots to sum up so let’s rok and roll with F&TT’s patented List-O-Matic!

  1. Friday was good fun.  We sat and sipped some groovy cocktails and B.S.’d and laughed and watched some Joel McHale on The Soup.  Srsly – what’s not to like about a night like that?
  2. I found the Rum Chata at Barbur Blvd Liquor store…as well as some of that sweet tea vodka and can I just say:  Yum.  We had a Rum Chata mixed w/Captain Morgan’s…then one with Chai…then a s.t. vodka mixed with lemonade (that cool refreshing drink) and, YUM.
  3. However…I’m not a fan of the Barbur Blvd Liquor store.  Number 1, they don’t take cards.  What?  Number 2, it’s kinda divey and they asked if I wanted a bag?  Isn’t it THE LAW (Frog, you know what voice to say that in, all others, ask me next time you see one of us) that you have to take liquor out of a store in a bag?  I prefer to skulk out of my liquor stores with my booze well hidden, dummies!  Can you imagine walking out w/your bottles in both hands?  WhatEVER.  And C), they have the Worst Parking Lot in the World.  Ok, maybe not the world, but at least the P-town Metro Area.  Wait…that honor goes to the Children’s Clinic at Peterkort.  OK – THEIR PARKING LOT SUCKS, FOLKS!
  4. The boys had fun at the Blazer/Scout night.  Jason called to chat at 1am (what?) and B. was still up watching a movie, but Z was out.  They got to meet a Blazer and ask him questions after the game, then watch movies on the scoreboard/big screen thingy.  Here are some pictures for you:

  1. Let us all take a moment to revel at Super Dad – the dad who stays the night on the concrete floor in the lit concourse at the Rose Garden…For The Kids.  Nice work, Super Dad.
  2. These numbers start over when I interrupt them.  Annoying.
  3. So that brings us to Saturday.  Oh Saturday.  The day of recovering from #1 above, and #4 above.  Everyone was tired…let us just leave it at that.  I did get out and get some good errands done so woo-hoo for that.  I got Z’s bday arranged, some stuff returned, some presents purchased and took a delicious nap.  And kicked some righteous hiney on FB Scrabble.  Awww, just kidding.
  4. In Scrabble news, I’ve been on an incredibly lucky string lately.  But Debbie, my bro, just started a game with me and that will surely mash my ego vair vair quickly.  I’ve only beaten him once in mah life, and he routinely DESTROYS me, so what can you do?
  5. Saturday evening we dropped the kids off at their grandparents’ house and J and I went to a party at his boss’ house.  His boss is a lovely, lovely person – so nice it’s ridiculous.  He had a house fire about a year ago and had to tear the whole house (except for the laundry room) down to the frame and rebuild.  Aye carumba – talk about a Nervy B.   It’s done now and picture perfect.  It was a good time, but we couldn’t stay as late as we’d have liked – had to get the CotC at 10pm and head home.  They were doing the Chocolate Cake shots there and GETTIN R DONE.  I had one, and again, YUM.  But I was the driver, so I didn’t drink much at all.  It was a nice party.  They have nice neighbors and nice friends.  And bamboo floors – I’d lurve to have bamboo floors.

Did you think I’ve forgotten about Operation Reduce – Home this weekend?  I have not.  But people, I had to take it back to basics this week and focus on some organization that SHOULD BE part of the weekend routine but we’ve kinda slacked on it lately and it’s BUMMING US OUT!  So this weekend’s efforts were focused on Meal Planning and Prep for the Week. 

J and I have been on a great routine for months of taking a big delicious salad to work for lunch.  We make yummy ones, with all kinds of goodies like broccoli slaw, shredded carrots, mushrooms, chicken, bell peppers, nuts/seeds, cranberries, hard boiled eggs, etc.  You get the picture.  It’s filling, tasty, cheap and HEALTHY.  Well lately, we’ve fallen off the wagon a bit and end up either buying lunch out or scrambling around trying to gather random stuff for lunch that’s no nearly so satisfying as the Big Salad. 

So today, I scoured the freezer and pantry and made a dinner plan for the week, using stuff we have on hand – which kinda counts as REDUCING, yes?  Then I made a small grocery list and went to TJ’s and stocked up on lunch fixin’s for the week – mushrooms, bell peppers, carrots, slaw etc.  THEN, I came home and cut up the veggies and got them ready to go.  I boiled eggs and put a bunch of those salad toppings in mini baggies so now there ARE NO EXCUSES FOR NOT MAKING OUR BIG SALAD LUNCHES.  (The salad toppings are those yummah little things like tortilla strips in a bag.  They’re a gigantic rip off but I found them for ONE DOLLHAIR at Safeway this week and stocked up.  I like to throw a handful on a salad to spice it up a little – sometimes you gotta have the tiny greasy corn strips in there, or you can’t face another salad – do you know what I mean, people??)

So while I didn’t conquer the world today with any big project, I did conquer my irritation and laziness vis-a-vis the food/lunch issue and sometimes people, you just have to focus on the small wins.  A small win usually leads to bigger and better things, which then helps conquer The Big Stuff.  Can I get a witness??

Tonight, the final season of The Tudors starts and I’m watching at 6pm with T. and maybe a few others.  We will bid a quick hello and a quick adieu to Kitty Howard, watch King Henry get fat, crazy then die.  I coooooon wait.  I might have to enjoy an Alky Arnold Palmer while I watch.  Woot!

Well, I think it’s time to go make dinner now.  Thanks for reading.


Before & After – Extreme Home Makeovah Ovah Heah April 4, 2010

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Before – behold the cabinet of fear.  I couldn’t find jack-shit, then we’d buy something again, only to find it later.  We found three crushed red pepper flakes, people – THREE!  Wasteful, cluttered and giving me a nervy b.

After – behold the cabinet of power.  Organized, cleaned out, shelves raised to be more useful (if you’re 6’7″) and just generally way less ditherspaz-inducing.  Thanks to J. for all his help.  I was actually willing to sit this weekend out and sit and knit for awhile but he got up and got after it, which made me get my carcass off the couch and git-r-done.  This is after he worked at the office today and worked on his parents’ deck in the rain.  Now he’s out working on his motorcycle. 

Me?  I’m back on the couch.  Toodles, kitty-kats.


Big Day at Chez Y., Big Day! March 7, 2010

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So…my mysterious Operation Reduce – Home project made some serious headway this weekend.  But first I think we need some back-story.

So, as my interest/obsesh with all things knitting and craft related has exploded over the past few years, so has my acquisition of vair vair much yarn, felt, patterns, books, supplies and other various and sundry items.  I have a touch of the Hoarders, as seen on A&E, about me, so it all has taken over random areas of my house.  It was all unorganized, spread out and just generally BUMMING ME OUT.  And let’s not even talk about how much it bummed J. out.  You can imagine.

So, like the pantry and all the other various projects I’ve tackled each weekend, this was due for a majah overhaul.  But it was so bad, I couldn’t even take ‘before’ pictures.  Someone would have alerted the authorities.

I decided to tackle it though, and asked Jason what he thought about getting one of these from Ikea to hold all my craft crap.  We would put it in the office, and I’d reorganize everything so it would fit in there – out of the piles in the living room, out from under the coffee table, etc.  He gave an enthusiastic YES and even offered to go get it the night before he left for Ireland.  That’s how excited he was about the idea.  I said No, because he had plenty to do before his trip, but maybe we could get it when he got back.

So after he left, I started thinking about all the craft flotsam and jetsam I have floating around and got a wee bit overwhelmed.  What if it didn’t all fit?  What if that wasn’t the best solution?  So I took the bull by the horns and started the Grand-daddy of all projects and went about gathering, sorting and cataloguing my entire collection.  And people, it took me all week while he was gone!  I worked every night while watching all the movies.  But I got a handle on everything I have (including digging up stuff I forgot I have – oy!) and getting it ready for the shelving system OF POWER.

So, here are a few before pictures.  This is all I can bear to bare to you.

This is the area by the couch.  Various mags, books, and in-progress knitting items all piled up in no order.  Ugh.

Here are two office shots.  Messy messy.  Grody grody. 

Here are various embroidery books, sewing books, art books.  Gathered together and at least organized…waiting for a new home. 

Here is the entry-way of our house.  I had to set up our folding table and use it as a staging area.  This is all felt, embroidery, jewelry and various other crafty crappy stuff, finally organized and also looking for a new home.


Over here is another ‘staging area.’  This is stuff I decided I don’t want/need anymore and I’ve listed it for sale online. 

Now for the good stuff…Yesterday J. went to Ikea and purchased the shelf and set it up for me.  Here it is with a little bit loaded on it.  It’s in the office, against the biggest wall.  I started by loading up all my books – trying to categorize them into cubes that made sense. 

Here it is with more stuff in it, organized, stashed, and superfab. 

I also used it to hang up a few of the things I made that have just been lying around:


And here’s the living room.  The corner that had the piles of SHIT by the couch now has an $8 table from Ikea where I can put the computair (because I’m using it a lot more now with Le Blog).  Underneath is a leather box that will hold in-progress projects.  Much neater, much nicer looking, much less BUMMING ME OUT.

 Thanks for reading/looking.  This is good progress…and will enable smarter crafting, less over-buying, and more inspiration.  I have lots more ideas of stuff I want to make and the cleaner surroundings lead to a less-cluttered mind, less BUMMING ME OUT, and more time for creativity.  Because I kinda mock the crafty-crappy stuff, but really…it’s my numero uno favorite hobby and brings me mucho mucho joy. 

It’s a good day, people!