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Pictures by your name July 16, 2010

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Readers if you want a pic by your name, just create a wordpress account for yourself and upload a picture of your choosing. We can’t control those on our end. They’re randomly assigned and computer generated. The only thing we can control is the style…creepy creatures or quilty looking designs.

And re madie, I normally don’t approve comments from randoms but since she was commenting on my Pulitzer-style writing, I let hers thru. Her’s? BLARG!!

Click on her link or name for more info. I don’t know who she is but clearly she’s a woman with a discriminating eye for quality prose. Ha!!


Hmmm, playing around with themes… February 10, 2010

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Is this too weird?

Do you like the old brown and flowers?


Experimenting with Webcam… January 19, 2010

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Getting Fancy Up in Herrrrre January 18, 2010

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Dude.  We finished the Plurbit and it turned out cuuuuuute.  Zach was a big help and I learned a few things in the process:

  1. Sewing is hard. 
  2. Sewing curves is harder.  I did a zig-zag around the eyes and tried to keep them circle-like.  When I was done, Zach said “Mom, they look like optagons!”  I assume he meant octagons.
  3. Zach has his own ideas and opinions about things and I let him roll with it.  He picked out all the thread colors, yarn colors, felt colors, etc and he had FIRM opinions about what he would and would not accept.
  4. Free hand embroidering a name and a tooth is hard too.
  5. The little pocket on the back for his tooth is supa cute, but I realized it’s tooth sized and not money sized.  I guess we’ll have to roll up the dollars, I mean the tooth fairy will have to roll them up.  Hopefully she has some experience rolling her own, because that’s about the size it will hold.  From what I’ve seen on movies and TV, I mean!

I got Zach to model the Plurbit on VIDEO (genius!) and went to upload it and realized the video capability is an upgrade.  Luckily, I remember your PayPal password, so I went for it.  Kidding about your PayPal.  I used my own.  Let’s not talk about how much it cost.  This blog just went from 0 to 60 in three days.  BUT WHO CAN RESIST VIDEOS OF THEIR KIDS?  Please let me know if it doesn’t work because I have two days to cancel the upgrade and get my money back.  But if it does work, ohhhhh, this could be good.  Vids of Hattie walking?  Vids of our Fourth of July Redneck Fireworks?  LOVE!  I suppose I should have ran it by you first, but I cain’t imagine you’d say no.  You just plug the Flip in and upload it, like a picture.  BITCHIN! 

So here’s my boy, his “gold” chain (can you see it?) and his new doll.  Love times three!


Free app alert January 16, 2010

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Dude. Get thee to the app store and get the free wordpress app for your iPus.


Emailed picture straight from cell phone, to blog post. Blogging makes me feel smart!

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oh my goodness. its a miracle. now i just have to put it all back.


From email…

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To get to the dictionary, do dashboard, appearances, widgets, pages? Try that and see if it works.

I’m kicking ASS on the pantry and have a pile o’ stuff for you. I’m glad it will be used. It makes this task MUCH easier. And all because of the blog. We are blogging GREEN.

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