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Where I co-plain about the CotC September 10, 2013

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So yesterday morning, the eldest child of the corn says “Mom, can you sign this band agreement form? I need to turn it in.”

I say, “Sure! When do you need your clarinet?”

He says, “Um, tomorrow.”

I say, “TOMORROW???”

So annoying – that child is a space case!

Then a few hours later I get a call from my neighbor saying she took him to school because he missed the bus. When I asked him about it later he said, “I lost track of time.”

I said, “What were you doing?”

He said, “Playing the iPad.”

Again with the annoying!

I get his clarinet after work yesterday and tell him “It’s in the car.”

He says, “Oh, I’ll take that to school Wednesday.”


He says, “Sorry, Mom. Sorry. Sorry. I’m sorry. MOM, I’M SORRY.” He knew by that point he’d worked my last nerve.

It’s a good thing he’s so sweet, and beautiful, and mature, and kind, and smart. Otherwise, it would be CURTAINS FOR HIM. Neither his father nor I are particularly spacey or flakey, so it boggles the mind.


Sorry for the wait! October 1, 2011

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I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting for this week’s card. Here it is!

They won again today. A tough game against Hillsburro. But the Tigers prevailed, thanks to some outstanding blocking by #71. And some excellent cheering by yours truly. I tore up my throat with the screaming.

And now it’s naptime. I need to rest up for flag football tomorrow.


Hello Stranger September 30, 2011

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It’s a good thing that Toad is alive and well.  FFS, I am not even READING the blog regularly and I’ve got to GET ON IT!  Quinn gave me a text last night saying that Toad’s new name for me, Slacky McBabyHoarder was tres funnay.  I had to correct her.  I’m no hoarder, just a hogger.  Slacky McBabyHogger.  Getitright my friends!  But even that isn’t true.  I share!  You just have to come over here so I gets the chance.  Yes, you are invited.  Every last one of you, provided I have met you prior to this post.

I have been in my own world I guess.  I really have been busy, not just dodging.  Sunday was Peacock After Dark and Gina’s cousin came into town for it and stayed with us.  In addition to spending lots of time with said cousin, she was vair vair busy with PAD prep.  We hosted 2 family dinners as well.  This is not a “woe is me” speech, just some ideas about what I’ve been doing.  And oh yeah!  I have two children.

This was the first year (probably of many) that Hattie was involved with PAD.  I am officially a stage mom, one step away from an appearance on Toddlers and Tiaras… as Poison pointed out on stage.  Her job: walk the microphones out to Poison and Maria at the beginning and after intermission.  She did beautifully.  We made it to rehearsal, but since the Portland Center for the Performing Arts is a UNION SHOP, everything moved at a snail’s pace and she had to leave before getting the chance to rehearse her journey across 1/2 the stage and back.  Toad, do we still have the ability to upload video on this thing?  I got it on the flip cam.  Sweet.  I’ll be signing her up for child acting classes and getting her a slam dunk of a portfolio.  Soon, she’ll be like Kim Kardwhatsherface, getting paid just to show up certain places as a patron.  Offers from Chuck E Cheese and the like will be rolling in.  Oooo, and then we’ll get Diego hooked up.  We will have to get a house in L.A.  Of course we will only be there when the weather is bad here.  The Disney channel will just have to do their “shooting” around our schedule.  They will, too.  Such are my thoughts these days.  Are we glad I’m on hiatus?

Last night Hattie and I went out for Thai with SHEILA MCGOVERN and her offspring.  One of Sheila’s favorite things to do when we get together is to say “Look at us…” It’s always a nice thought to ponder with a friend that you have known for, good God, has it been 16 years? … nice to think about crazy times we have had and fast forward to us sitting there with the two most beautiful girls in all the land.  But, this night was particularly fun because it consisted of us not being able to get through one conversation as our squirrelly girls jumped up and down in their seats, pounded on the table, yelled, occasionally screamed, disregarded our attempts at redirection, and then for the finale, Hattie threw up all over me.  The good news?  When you are with a good friend and that happens to you, they shoo you out, pay the bill AND feel sorry for you.  I think I will invest in some Ipecac.  Thanks again, Sheila.  Thai on Tuesday?

No, Hattie is not sick.  At least I don’t think she is.  However, in addition to that solitary vomit from her, Diego had vomitpalooza last night and this morning.  He spewed up all that he ate for about 16 hours straight (and he actually slept through the whole night!).  His mood was fine, no temp, etc.  I called the doc and took him in.  They had to rule out pyloricblahblah with an ultra sound, which they did.  As soon as that was all over, he was back to downing his usual pint-or-so without incident.  The doc thought maybe he has a flu bug.  Huh?  How can you be sick and so happy?  People, I am disappointing you by not posting pics tonight, but take my word for it, this kid is so FREAKING CUTE!  And happy.  And advanced for his age.  I don’t think he’s sick, either.

Be on the lookout for some professional pics of the children.  We have an appointment for Diego’s 3 month pics.  The bonus?  Cousin Jobie will be joining for his own pics.  Oct. 19th, wait for it.

Breaking Bad has officially out-done 6′ Under for Best Show Ever on TV.  Crazy and perfect.  If you aren’t watching it, you are missing out.  And that is all.


I love this picture September 18, 2011

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Family party today.

Z learned to make sushi! His cousin whose 18th bday we’re celebrating showed him how. There’s great-grandma walking by, with an encouraging pat on the shoulder.

Technically I think they’re making musubi, (sp?) if you’re getting picky. Rice, spam, nori.

Good times.


Lllllllunchtime May 1, 2011

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A date with my boy. I had the fish tacos.


BBQ Eel April 29, 2011

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Um, gross.


My little chopstick user

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Train ride then Sushi Train for din!