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Meet Linda January 30, 2014

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Some of you know that I have three close friends whom I have never met:

1. Jennifer Aniston

2. Theresa Caputo

3. Tim Gunn

These are all very special people who I know would love me as much as I love them, if only we had the chance to meet.  Today, I am hereby adding one more “person” to my list:

4. Linda Belcher

If you know this name, then you know why she is my good friend.  It doesn’t matter that she is an animated character since we are talking about fantasy.  Toad, I still don’t know how to grab photos from the internets and put them on this here blog.  Could you give the readers a pic of my new BFFF?  (That’s best fantasy friend forever.)  She’s not the prettiest but she is by far the funniest.  She is on Bob’s Burgers, which by the way, is my new fave show.  Her voice comes from one John Roberts, who in my opinion deserves a golden globe after they create the category “Best Animated Voice Provider.”  A runner up would be her daughter Tina who is voiced by Dan Mintz.  People, this is a half hour of genius.  Watch it, I’m tellin ya.

So let’s all give my new BFFF a hearty “Welcome” to the FTT circle.  I have been enjoying her earnest optimism and positive energy for a month or two.  Now you should all take 30 minutes to meet her.  Program that DVR.


OitNB October 22, 2013

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Still reading it. A few characters have shown up. Including Pennsatucky. And Pornstache, but he’s called Gay Pornstar in the book.

But still no Taystee, my fave.


Nursin’ it Yo May 9, 2011

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Did anyone notice Zoey’s blog on Nurse Jackie? IT’S REAL!


TV on iPad May 7, 2011

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I downloaded one of my fave shows ever to the iPad and watched an ep – the first ep of the last season. So fun, so clever.

It’s called Gavin and Stacey and I lurves it so.


Justified May 5, 2011

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Is anyone watching this show?

This gal? Best. Villian. Ever.

She was that heinous mom on Million Dollar Baby. Remember?



Crazy ranting May 3, 2011

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Omg you guys! I discovered this new tv station! It’s called PBS. And they have these shows that are rilly good. The only weird thing is they don’t have commercials so I miss seeing what’s coming next on celeb apprentice or worrying that cee lo is going to eat Christina aguilera….but I prevail.

I just watched this show, the first if three eps. I thing the guy on the left likes her but he’s a bit of a lefty Bolshie. The guy on the right is angry and Conservative but I think he’s going to land her. Because dark and brooding always wins. And I saw some previews. I think he might have a little mr Rochester action going! We shall see.

In other news, I now see that dogs eating shit is the avenue to go if I’m feeling blog-lonely. Don’t make that turn into the only way I can get attention, readers. It’s in your hands!!!

In other other news, I got a new face soap last night, some bullshit neutrogena naturals. I am a sucker because it came with a free lip balm. Like i don’t have 47 lip balms. Anyways my face was soooooo greasy today, I ACTUALLY HAD TO WASH IT. That’s what I get for switching it up. The only upside to my greasy face is my low wrinkle count. But when the wrinkles start showing more (they’re starting a little) AND I have a greasy teenager face at the same time? No. No thank you. Pick one mother nature, grease face, wrinkles, or grey hair. But not all three. LERD HAVE MERCY.

What’s my point? My point is don’t be pulled in by the free chappie at Target. Death to neutrogena naturals! Does anyone have a sandblaster?? What do they use to clean oil off those poor water birds who get screwed by BP? I need some of that.


Jennifer Egan Discusses TV Plans for ‘A Visit From the Goon Squad’ – April 23, 2011

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