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Blog prize of mystery…en route to Tejas July 25, 2010

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We need some blog activity to jazz things up.  The Scrabble Tourney is too slow.

We need something like Candy Off.  Something interactive (voting) and comment-getting (controversial).

Any suggestions?  Winning suggestion will win some Blog Swag.  Comment, people, comment!


Check it out! Winner announced at Lunchtime! F5! F5! May 25, 2010

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WOW! May 16, 2010

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Readers – do you know we’re clocking in at 2600+ comments?  Srsly! 

We’ve written 742 posts!  And 47 of them have been interesting!

So, time for a corntest!  I just made that up.  It means contest.

The lucky person who makes the 2750th comment will win a fine prize.  To be determined by me and Froggah.

So keep the comments coming and we’ll keep track of the numbers.  I have one prize in mind…here’s a clue.


Is your interest piqued? 

Thanks for reading.  Double thanks for commenting.


Friday Night Recap – with Pictures April 3, 2010

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Tigard Knitting Group was good fun.  In attendance were F&T, Aut, Ladybird, and Teresa from the comments.  Also in attendance was our knitting pal Emily – a newish addition to the club.  She’s 31 (!) and new to Portland, from Seattle.  She is a Bad Ass knitter, and a PhD Biologist.  We talked about our book club book with her and it was interesting to hear her take on it.  Book group is reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks which is about science/biology and ethics and history.  I asked her if she could come to our next book group to give her perspective and I was kind of serious, but I’m not sure she thought I was.  She hasn’t read HeLa yet, but I’m going to loan her my copy when I’m done.  She said she works with HeLa cells ALL THE TIME.  Someone asked if she could bring some HeLa cells to book group and she said she could “bring a flask.”  People, I think that’s a science-y container of some sort.  I immediately thought of a booze flask, because that’s how classy I am, and I said “Oh, we don’t want to drink HeLa!”  Oh, just kidding people, I kept my mouth shut and made a mental note to google a flask.  ANYWAY… was fun and lovely and just a great time.  Now for the picture portion of our presentation:

First, Froggie came over early and we went through some F&TT biz, organizing prizes for CANDY OFF 2010!  Everyone who commented is going to get a little somethin’ somethin’ but in addition to that, a few lucky winners (randomly drawn from the 100+ comments we got) are getting a ‘grand’ prize.  Here are some teaser pictures of the possible prizes, modeled by Frog, Toad and The Children of the Corn.  You won’t know if you won or what you won until you check your mail, so check your mail next week!

Then The Knitters came over and we had white russians made my Ladybird’s husband (yummah) and sat and BS’ed and knit and got our Knitting Nerd on.  I will let Frog write her own re-cap of what that was like for a non-knitter.  She got her craft on and worked on some felt baby booties.

We were not the only Crafty People last night though.  Look what J made for a friend of his who was having a 40th bday party last night.  It’s a Jaeger Chocolate Cake, patent pending.  Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy that J?  He is a good combo of fun and funny and things like this (a Jaeger cake!  for a friend!) really tickle my funny bone. 

Ok readers, that is all for now.  I am tired from a very late night last night and this blogging is wearing me out.  Kidding. 

Toodles, kitty-kats.


Greetings from Ping, F&T’s Westside HQ April 1, 2010

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Greetings Readers.  Frog was just introduced to the beauty of Ping.  She had the spicy mama ramen, as did I.  We also had the prawn skewers (Hi Teresa!), the chicken skewers and tiny dried fish (Hi Kirsten!).  I did not try the tiny dried fish, and she said they tasted like fish food smells.

In VIBB, we reviewed the candy-off comments and randomly drew some winners.  But in true F&TT style, EVERYBODY WINS.  So watch your mailboxes for a treat coming your way.  We’re getting together tomorrow (isthmus be my lucky week – ANOTHER for the dictionary!) to sort out the prizes and get them ready to send.

Remember to put a comment in for the new contest.  It is shaping up to be entertaining already!

And on the serious tip, we love our readers.  This blog is bringing us so much fun – I think even more fun that I imagined it would.  I feel like I’m getting to know some people better and it’s definitely increased my contact with some of you.  And even if it’s small, as in “You are wronG about Jen Aniston showing too much beav!” – the contact has been fun!!

We love you people!


Grab Your Hairbrush/Microphone and Hit Me With Affection…

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Toad and I have talked it over and have decided on a new and fantastic contest.  This won’t be a poll and will be dependent on your comments for participation.  I will make this “sticky” so that you will see it first thing.  We may be posting polls in addition to this contest.

Ok, here it is:

We want to hear your misunderstood lyrics.  I will start:

Instead of “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” (Pat Benatar), I heard “Hit Me with Affection.”

This is the stuff that got you laughed at in the 7th grade.  Singing along with the radio and misinterpreting some basic lyric in a song.  Well, as you would have guessed, Frog and Toad have collected a few over the years.  We have our own and some from old friends.  Two that come to mind from Tawnie:

Instead of …”Red Gold and Green” in Karma Kameleon, she heard “Break Hold and Dream”

Instead of  “Listen to the Music” by the Doobie Bros., she heard “They Still Abuse It”

Gina just admitted to me that instead of “I Shot the Sheriff” she heard “I Shot the Sharon”

I think this will be a goldmine readers!  Please comment.  I would also like to give the green light to steal your friends’ as well.  Just give them the credit.  The prize for this will be decided by F&T.  There may be another mix CD on it’s way…