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OP2 March 6, 2014

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My mouth has never felt cleaner.


Oil Pulling

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Oil pulling.  I read about it about 30 minutes ago, suggested that Toad try it for Z, got shot down and then I did it myself.  I am going to get to the bottom of the hype.  If it results in just half of what they say, it would be WAY worth it.  At least I think.  So I’m trying it.  I will swish with coconut oil one time a day for 20 minutes and I will report back to you, readers.  No bias except that it MAY be good for something.  Or not…


F&T in the Field

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More Pictures

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IMG_1682What is better than a pink dress?  No dress and a pink polka dot shower cap.  FYI.

And on a sad note- Tony’s day has come and gone.  This is Gina giving him pastrami and cheese at the vet before the big moment.  This is what he had to say: “I laughed, I cried, I ate pastrami and cheddar.”  I told him I would pass his last thoughts on to my readers.  It was sad.  But more than sadness I have felt relief.  For him, for me.  He is now in a box in my kitchen.  Soon he will be put in the closet with Tito and Len.




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IMG_1444My baby boy- this dress/skirt thing is only picking up speed for him.  Now he insists on not wearing pants with his dresses.  We have allocated a selection of Hattie’s dresses and skirts for his use.  He still tolerates a shirt under them, though he prefers just a dress.  Can’t a boy just wear a simple dress?  It’s getting harder and harder to find a picture to send to Natalie.  She is bothered by the fact that he not only wears dresses- but that we allow it to the extent we do.  Oh me.

And here are my two.  I love time with my babies in my bed.  Hattie is sharing her Penguin.  Aw.

IMG_1494If you watch enough tv- like we do, you see advertisements for crap like lights that go in the bathtub.  When I got them out to put them in the tub Hattie told me “This is the Best Day Ever.”  That is second only to “You’re the Best, Mom.”



And By the Way February 28, 2014

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Who decided to name the language of the Philippines after a girl scout cookie?  First Obama names the affordable care act after himself, now this.



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It is all the same, you are so right!  Folks, Frog does not remember the Paul loves Maisie scrolling on the computer.  However, I do remember a founding artifact in Frog and Toad’s weird “Aren’t-We-So-Funny” world.  The redbook (Frog’s) and the bluebook (Toad’s).  These were our folders for science class; mine was red and hers blue.  I don’t recall taking notes that pertained to science, but I do recall precious pages of jokes, laughs, drawings and just plain tomfoolery.  Redbook was my favorite book in the 8th grade.  And I don’t recall learning a lick of science!  What I would give for a look at ye olde red and blue books (Toad’s bluebook was not quite as good as my red because she always placed some value on actual classroom information and mucked up her bluebook with it often).  Not that I was ever funnier than Toad, no.  She saved a lot of her wit for redbook.  She wanted her cake and to eat it too.  I just ate the frosting.  Have we told you that story?  We should be ashamed…