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Greetings from Ping, F&T’s Westside HQ April 1, 2010

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Greetings Readers.  Frog was just introduced to the beauty of Ping.  She had the spicy mama ramen, as did I.  We also had the prawn skewers (Hi Teresa!), the chicken skewers and tiny dried fish (Hi Kirsten!).  I did not try the tiny dried fish, and she said they tasted like fish food smells.

In VIBB, we reviewed the candy-off comments and randomly drew some winners.  But in true F&TT style, EVERYBODY WINS.  So watch your mailboxes for a treat coming your way.  We’re getting together tomorrow (isthmus be my lucky week – ANOTHER for the dictionary!) to sort out the prizes and get them ready to send.

Remember to put a comment in for the new contest.  It is shaping up to be entertaining already!

And on the serious tip, we love our readers.  This blog is bringing us so much fun – I think even more fun that I imagined it would.  I feel like I’m getting to know some people better and it’s definitely increased my contact with some of you.  And even if it’s small, as in “You are wronG about Jen Aniston showing too much beav!” – the contact has been fun!!

We love you people!


2010 CANDY-OFF RESULTS!! March 31, 2010

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Step 1 – Get the theme to Rocky going in your head.  Not Eye of the Tiger, but the one that has ‘gonna fly now’ in it.

Step 2 – Think hard about candy and all the draaama that 2010 Candy-Off has brought…the thrill of Cadbury Mini Eggs….and the agony of Necco Wafers

Step 3 – Make her open the box.  JUST JOKIN’ – That was for MHar.

Here are the winners!  The best candy, as voted by F&TT readers is:

And the WORST candy (DUH!) is:

Thanks for playing along with us!  It was a lot of fun for us.  Frog and I are having a Board Meeting Friday and will go over the comment entries and be announcing prizes soon.  So stay tuned!

Did anyone guess these as the winners and losers?  I cooon remember, but stay tuned.


Candy-Off 2010 FINALS March 28, 2010

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People, it’s time…time to pick the winner and loser.  Thanks for all your votes and comments, people.  It’s been good fun. 

Frog and I will get together soon to pick some winners! 

Now…for the final votes:



Candy Poll – One more before finals March 25, 2010

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I am back, and back to my controlling, Type-A ways.  It’s almost time for the finals, but we have one more “worst” poll to do.

Maybe this can be open for the weekend, and we can roll out the finals on Sunday night or Monday.  I need something to look forward to when I return to work on Monday.  Remember we have prizes!  So leave comments and watch this space soon. 

I’ve picked up some good prizes, as a tease, I’ll just say “Liberty of London.”  I think that will excite one person only, you know who you are.


Cornfused Frog is Trying to Get It Right:

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I’m not sure where I went wrong, but on the “Best” side, I don’t think I did a poll for twix vs. cadbury mini eggs.  But, as luck would have it, our spice drops and baked beans tied, so we will run these to make sure that we get the best and true answers.  CNN will be very interested in our results, so vote and vote hard!


We Are Getting Close… Please Vote March 23, 2010

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Pour Some Sugar On Me March 22, 2010

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