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Frog & Toad’s Random List of Favorite Things January 21, 2010

So…this is a test.  I want a place to store a list of random things we like.  Books?  Movies?  Restaurants?  TV Shows?  Songs?  If you’re interesting in seeing your product here, please contact us to talk about ‘promotional consideration.’  Kidding, kidding.


Que Pasa Cantina Aqui – 12th and Hawthorne.  Both Frog and Toad are big fans.

Typhoon – Frog is a big fan

Ping – The Toad cannot get enough Ping.


The Exorcist (frog)

Barfly (frog and toad and toad’s husband)


Maus I and II.  If you haven’t read these, do not talk to us.

The Road.  Oy.


Space Room


Bare Escentuals


Wool felt.  ha ha


5 Responses to “Frog & Toad’s Random List of Favorite Things”

  1. Autumn Says:

    The list of favorite things is a little on the sparse side – ONE! I need some reading, viewing reccomendations STAT. Frog and Toad Together Blog is my new go-to WEBSITE. (Sorry about the all caps on that last one – just trying to stay in PATTERN).

  2. mother mckibbin Says:

    Here’s something I try. If I’m bored , Les Miz, or wondering how any list of favorite things can only have one thing on it….. Tune in the old Lawrence Welk show on OPB, turn DOWN the sound and then turn UP the sound on your favorite radio station (mine is KLCC in Flo-Town) and just sit back and watch and listen.

  3. MegSaid Says:

    I have to lodge a co-plaint (can I use that one that way?) Who is Frog and who is Toad? Wouldn’t matter except on the list of favorite things, then it would sorta help to know.
    Oh, and LOVE LOVE LOVE finger jam…will never describe that particular activity in any other way as long as I live.

  4. MHar Says:

    I love Ping. So much. And I need to go. Soon.

  5. Sarah Says:


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