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L to the U to the NCHTIME July 14, 2010

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Cam is reading this blog? Lerd. It’s a good thing I did not write about my cramps that knocked me on my ash on Monday. I almost did, but then I decided not to. Srsly, they were hoar-ee-baal.

For lunch today I had a super healthy salad, made by J.Y. Then I was bored and junky so I went to the deli and got some Chili Cheese Fritos (I’ll have some Fritos with Chili and Cheese, say that with a vair small mouth) and a Big Hunk. Next, I’ll be buying a mobile home and giving the kids Mountain Dew! Big Hunk – what a terrible name for something so delicious and retro.

Speaking of Big Hunk – who’s watching Hung on HBO? I am, but I’m not sure if I’ll keep watching. I love Tanya and Lenore and their crazy interactions, but the rest of the show is TOO DEPECHE. I’d like to hear some opinions here people. What say you?

True Blood – Yay for True Blood. It’s action/camp/gore/”romance”/drama/silliness all rolled up in gooooo clean fun. Yes, Sookie is still annoying. But other characters are getting more time I think, and it dilutes her annoyingness.

I am at peace with the iPhone fandango. Shit happens people. And I thought of one of my fave comedians – Louis C.K. He has this bit about people bitching about these AMAZING things that we can do now and how ridiculous it is when people bitch about the minor inconveniences – like the phone on the plane having some static. You’re sitting in a chair in the SKY and you’re talking to someone 1000 miles away and the static is a problem?

The iPhone is an amazing piece of technology. Yes, I got a bum one but J. did not and so far, the new one is good. I can play Scrabble on it, with a cousin, while he’s in Europe. I need to chill out.

And I cannot understand why you don’t have one Frog. You’re a Mac, I’m a PC, but I have the iPhone? What gives? Talk about easy to use!

Speaking of Louis CK, he has a new show on FX network and it is GOOD. It’s called “Louie.” He’s funny.

Entourage is boring me this season. Frog?

I will watch Kevorkian soon and report back. Are you talking about the one w/Al Pacino or the real guy?

I decided to break from Tudor-dom and read the polygamy book next. Yee haw. I’ll keep you all posted! Aaaaaaaaaalert the media.

Oh – I heard something funny funny on Phineas and Ferb last night. There’s this character who’s a bully and he was talking to a Super Nerd kid who said something kinda boring or stupid and the bully said, “Go tell it to your blog.” The Children of the Corn laughed at that, as did I. I just hope J. never sees that episode and hears that line, because that’s all he’ll be saying to me immediately, I guarantee it. That bully actually has some funny lines. Phineas and Ferb is pretty good kid fare, I will admit.

Oh – ZOMG, did you all hear Bristol and Levi are together again and engaged? Oh Sarah P., how’s that grabya?


There is no joy in Mudville today

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Oh readers. I got the new iPhone and had no apps. Our home computair is busted so I tried to load my apps from my work computair. In the process…I erased every single contact I had stored in my phone…all the ones they transferred over from my old phone. I could cry. Do you know how many random old phone numbers I had on there, that I’ll have to re-enter BY HAND? Good thing I have a six hour train ride tomorrow. Oh my gawd.

I really really really could cry.


In blog news, the answer to today’s holiday of mystery is: it’s our six-month anniversary of bloggy joy. I think Sauls answered that one right. I’ll be putting together a fantastic prize package soon. After I recover from the phone fandango.

I am too depeche to write any more. I need a relaxing tranq.


iPhone Update July 13, 2010

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Got a new phone. Finally. So far so good, but all apps need to be reloaded. And our computair is on the fritz. So no Scrabble tonight. Dry your tears, I’ll be back mañana. (Wednesday) (Spanish)

What else? Nothing! Shawl soaking, kids crabby. Someone has to write his own thank you notes this year and someone is mr krabs.

Knitting group was fun today. Met a gal there who is a bad ass knitter. Woot!


Say it like Whitney, all together now…1…2…3

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I’ll take it to the Apple store, donkey dick

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So, I’m still getting the SIM card errors on my iPhone. I called AT&T again (AGAIN) and wasted another 10 min of my life explaining the whole dramz and the solution now is that I have to mail the phone in to them to have it looked at –or- take it to an Apple Store. Mailing it to AT&T would involve me being w/out a phone for approximately 10 days, and people I think we know the answer to that. Hells No. I have Scrabble games to play and boring blog posts to write. So I said “I’ll take it to the Apple store, donkey dick” and the guy told me I needed to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. Make an appointment? What the hell? Am I getting my teeth cleaned? No I just want a phone that works all the time. So I have an APPOINTMENT at 4:50 today at BridgeportVillage, aka Satan’s Shopping Center. It actually works out okay because I had to go there after work anyway and pick up the Children of the Corn from Jason – he’s having a work dinner at PF Chang’s. But even though I had to go there anyway, and it’s actually working out fairly well, I still want to bitch about my phone. So here I am! Lucky readers!

But really – I wonder if anyone reads anymore. Comments are down. And tomorrow is A Very Special Holiday, people. In an effort to drum up comments – let’s play. If you can guess what Very Important Holiday/Event is tomorrow, YOU WILL WIN A PRIZE. A prize from me (kelsey) that will actually get sent. Oh, just kiddin ya Froggie.

What else? I remembered I was suppzd to have a two-week post-op check-up with the surgeon and I think I’m past two weeks, aren’t I? Whoopsie. But really, if I’m feeling fine, can’t I just skip that? I have other more important appointments, like appointments at the APPLE STORE.

I stalked at gal at Prius Club (Trader Joe’s, dummies, Trader Joe’s) because she had some Majorly Cute Hair and I wanted to see how it was all held together. It was very similar to mine but it was cute (mine’s not right now) and she had some little clippie action going that was tres chic. I stopped at Walgreen’s on the way home and got the little clips she had and so far I cannot replicate the cuteness. DURN! I went eau naturale yesterday and didn’t even blow dry my hair, hoping for a cute semi-curly free-wheelin’ look. But instead, I looked like I’d slept under a bridge. Double DURN.

Sauls made us an appointment for a fahncy pedi on Friday. First we’ll have our annual tapas lunch. I coooooooooooon wait. I haven’t had a pedi since Sept 2009, for reals. I got some weird pinched nerve at my last one and could hardly walk for like a week. I’ve been skeert ever since. But Friday, I’m conquering my fear and getting back on it. My feet look like they’ve been sleeping under a bridge, so it’s high time I get that taken care of.

Remember to leave a comment w/your guess at what Super Special Day tomorrow is. Prize TBD, but it will be good!



Well, I love Tom & Lorenzo July 12, 2010

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Here’s another Mad Men Fan Blog, for all you fan(s) out there. I saw the link on Tom & Lorenzo. Have I mentioned how much I love their fashion commentary? Not today? Well, I love Tom & Lorenzo.

Mad Men starts 7/25! Are you ready? I am READY.

This week will be a good one – I’m only working M, T, W. That’s my kind of week! Th I head to Bellingham, and I am vair excited. I bought myself a weird item yesterday – thinking that maybe I’d take it with me on the train: my first ever Vogue magazine. Marion Cotillard is on the cover and I have a wee bit of a crush on her. AND…there’s a big spread inside by Grace Coddington that looks all Mad Men-ish…with Ewan MacGregor, whose penis you saw in Trainspotting. He was also some Star Wars movies, I think. Anyhoo – I’m excited to look at the pictures and I’ll save it for you Frog, since you watched and loved The September Issue, and are a fan of Grace Coddington too.

Have the rest of you watched The September Issue yet?

What else? Not much else. I have lots to do before my trip, including finish my current book and choose my next one. I keep feeling like there’s got to be something out there for me besides Tudor fiction, but I am just not figuring it out. Has anyone read anything contemporary and GREAT lately?? I downloaded a sample of that one book I was blathering about, but it didn’t pull me in. Maybe I need to read that Polygamist one. I do enjoy some sister-wives shenanigans, it is true.

I think we need a picture. Or two. Here’s the new Bind Off of Power. Note the fancy appearance on both front AND back, knitters. And note the better pictures. J. clued me in to need to cut the plastic screen protector off my new phone. I’d been co-plaining about the bad flash, etc. Yeah. Turns out a layer of plastic does NOT help. And…..DURRRRRRRRRR. I also learned how to focus the darn thing. These seem like good pics from a cell phone to me.


And Back. Lovely, isn’t it?


Iphone dramz July 7, 2010

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Omg. I just got another sim card issue and wasted more time on the phone with AT&T. I totally lost my Shiz this time. The guy told me I have to take everything OFF my phone and RESET it back to factory settings. Do you know how much time I’ve put into loading stuff on my phone?

Meanwhile, Jason has no probs with his phone. I musta got a lemon, which I can deal with, shit happens, if they’d just get on the ball and get the new phone going.

I have better things to do with my time. Like rant insanely on the interwebs.