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Oh grandma November 7, 2013

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I was talking to my grandma tonight and she was full of questions about my new job. I told her I was going to Singapore and she said, “Oooooo sister, you have to be a good girl there! If you’re not they’ll whip you with a switch! And don’t steal anything. They’ll cut off your hands!”

Ok, I knew about the caning, but do they also dehanditate thieves?? If so, I’ll have to revise my plans vis a vis a world shoplifting tour!

If you know my grandma you can hear her saying “Ooooooo sister!” She’s funny funny funny funny.

“They’ll whip you with a switch!”


Pic from Flo November 30, 2010

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My pa and a BIG fish.


Sweet family photo… September 5, 2010

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My fam, gathered at Sunriver this weekend.

My husband is freaking hilarious.


B and Great-Grandpa August 28, 2010

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Kids and Uncle Mike and Laurie.


Pigs, Bras, Drunks and TV. The usual. August 9, 2010

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Pandora, no! No Free Bird!

But yes, yes we do like Reelin’ in the Years.

I have precious little to say readers. Lettuce move to the bullet list o’ power.

  • The wedding was great. J. did a fab job as officiant. It was good to see lots of folks I hadn’t seen in a long time, including friends of the bride’s uncle from college. I met them years ago but they’d never seen our kids blah blah blah.
  • The bride and groom were gorgeous and they did a fab job with the planning. The wedding was at the Grandparents of the Corn’s house and the bride and groom (and J.) has been working for months on getting everything ready and everything was beautiful and perfect. The bride and groom had a very DIY approach to things, in an effort to keep costs down and they worked their ASSES off and it looked totally profesh.
  • The bride’s step-father gave a great toast – he met their mom when the kids were little and he’d been a bachelor up until that point. He broke down and sobbed about how much he loved the kids like they were his own. He’s a really great guy – a pig farmer in Hillsboro! He’s very farmer-ish – lives/works on his childhood farm, hunts, fishes, etc – a macho man. It was funny to see him all dressed up in a suit and so emotional on such a happy day. Not funny in a bad way – it was touching and lovely. He commented on how all of the bride’s friends got married before her and how she asked him “when am *I* going to get married??” He really sobbed at that point of the toast and said he told her “when Mr. Right walks up to you – you’ll know.” And truly – her husband is The Bomb – we love him. And I love the Pig Farmer – srsly. He proceeded to drink Crown Royal like it was water and get s-h-i-t-f-a-c-e-d after that – but in a good way, a happy day for the whole fam.
  • It was a kid-free wedding – except for our two boys and their Cousin of the Corn. I understood why, after B. FELL IN THE POOL, ahem.
  • We left shortly thereafter, after someone was puking in the bushes by us…and someone threw a deckchair in the pool, and the toilets in the whole house backed up. Oh Noes!!
  • I didn’t drink a drop but was still exhausted yesterday. I think it was a combo of the humidity and also my barbaric brassiere that wiped me out. I didn’t get a pic of myself, sorry readers. I didn’t go w/the turquoise necklace – it was ugly. I went with red earrings from Mady and then I kicked it old school and went for Nostalgia vs. Fashion and wore the first necklace J. ever gave me. He noticed. Sweet.
  • I did manage to haul my carcass over to Teresa’s last night for some True Blood viewing. Love that True Blood. I was sad to see Talbot go, I have to say. I loved his dramatic flair. He rolled over for the meat needle but ended up getting a whole different kind of back-action, yes? Is Franklin dead or not? Frog?
  • I didn’t watch Mad Men, so DON’T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT YET.
  • Lettuce talk briefly about “Hung” for a minute. I haven’t watched last night’s ep yet, but I am really enjoying this season. It’s funny! Lenore and Tanya are my faves and I can’t wait to see what’s happening next. My fave moment of the season was with the Lanvin vs. Lankin sweater and how they both showed up wearing it but Tanya looks vair different than Lenore in it – and Ray said, “Hey you’re twins!” Tanya looks like she’s wearing a serape, at best while Lenore is totally chic. Hilarious.
  • Did you watch The Big C? I taped it but have not watched. I was looking for it in the DVR and put in “The C Word” and couldn’t find it. I cooon figure it out so I searched by Linney and found it. Durrrr. How can you go wrong w/Laura Linney and Oliver Platt, I ask you?! It is Showtime though, which is NOT HBO. We shall see.
  • I finished up my latest Tudor book – The Virgin’s Lover, also known as The Worst Cover/Title Combo Ever. But twas good. I have to pry myself away from the English history though and start my book club book. About a bigamist – based on a true story. He’s not LDS though. I wonder if I can get Under the Banner of Heaven in before I start the book group one? I am vair vair curious to know more about the LDS fundie’s…

OK, I think that’s it. I need to go heat up my lunch. Wedding leftovers. Rice (which was totally good) and bbq pork. I’m sure it was a Pig Farmer pig. BBQ’d to perfection. All the Y. children and grandchildren were eating the skin. Say it with me – grrrrross. One of the twins said, “Look, you can see the hairs on it.” Double grrrosss. The CotC didn’t have any – that I know of. Leave me in my ignorance. Is that too much to ask?



Wedding August 7, 2010

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A lovely wedding! Jason officiated and did a great job – people are saying he ought set up shop.

The bride and groom looked fantastic. The bride’s brother sang an acoustic DMB song and it was gorgeous. I might have cried a tear.