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Checking In October 14, 2013

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Toad- Please let us know if you start scrubbing your bathtub.  And for those of you who haven’t known Toad for 47 years you should know that when she starts going ballzout on her tub, something is rotten in Denmark.  Denmark being her life.

I am headed to Mr. Tax Man to pick up my return for 2012.  Tell JY the good news.  Then I have a doctor’s appt.  Sore throat for a couple of weeks now.  Ugh.  No fun.  Plus a reoccurring yeast infection.  Perhaps that’s the sore throat problem as well, eh?  I will keep you posted on my health soon.  Assuming I don’t fall asleep immediately after putting the kids to bed tonight. They both arrived in my bedroom at 4:42 in the a.m.  Oh me.  The good news is that I got to shower before taking them to school.  Bad news is that I’ll be dragging.

Not sure what else.  I am waiting to hear about a start date for Toad.  And I would like an escort to the Nike employee store before xmas, please.  I would also like the name of Phil’s plastic surgeon.  I fear that botox and lip filler won’t keep this face together too much longer, what with the stress marching across it like it does.

Oh one last thing:  I want to talk about famous people crushes.  Have you ever had a random dream (sex or otherwise) about a celeb and then woke up with a huge crush on him/her?  My latest was Fred Armisen.  That was about a week ago.  My preoccupation with him is just starting to wane now.  A year or so ago, I had one about Steve Buscemi.  WTF?  I want to hear about yours.  Please comment.


Speaking of Picking Your Feet September 19, 2013

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I had a dream two nights ago that I was picking my feet and left huge holes in each.  Big enough to stick a golfball in.  It was horrible.  Just remembered it when Toad wrote that she was going to pick her feet.  Don’t pick holes, Toad.

Re: pics of my kids.  I am low tech and lazy.  A bad combination.  I have a few to post but can’t/don’t because I have to hook my phone up to the computer.  Toad keeps telling me to post blogs from my phone but I can’t stand that because I like to see the blog format as I write.  I get lost if I try to email from my phone.  I wrote a post a week or so ago from my phone, got interrupted and never posted it.  Just came across it in drafts yesterday.  I would hook my phone up now ‘ceptn my phone’s all froze up.  Froze as I was listening to the wicked jam the Wire by Haim.  Made me wicked mad.

Anyone out there waiting for Haim’s album release?  MHar?  You likey the music.  I have it pre ordered on itunes.  Phone better start working before the 30th, by God.

I am teetering on illness.  I think Diego tried to give me his cold.  I felt sick night before last- clearly getting sick.  Then I bought coldeez yesterday and Voila! I feel fine.  I enjoy the fact that Toad cannot accept that there is anything out there known to man that can shorten/relieve a cold.  Anyone want to weigh in on this?  Coldeez works.

Insert Coldeez ad here:

So lately when I post a blog a message comes up saying that they may start adding ads in our blogs.  Hmm- haven’t seen one yet.  Wonder if we’ll get the proceeds.  We could be rich in no time with, what? 17 subscribers, 4 of which read the blog. Possibilities everywheres.

Ok, phones back to work.

OMG.  Cant figure out how to load pics.  Is it in the add media button?  WhereTF is it???



Aaaaalert the Media June 15, 2011

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Boden has a sneak peek to their fall line.  Ooooooooooo!!!


ART SHOW! May 30, 2011

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We did this once before but she didn’t seem too thrilled.  But today after an outing, she asked “Art show…” and she had out the string and clothes pins.  So, we got out the portfolio and made some selections.  Then I got on the phone and invited Hattie’s biggest fan and neighbor, John.  She was very proud.  I have a feeling that tomorrow at school she will be very prolific.  Next thing you know, we will part of Mt. Tabor’s art walk (whatever that is).  Look at that little face.

What this picture doesn’t do justice to is her pants.  These little capris deserve a great big mention on le blog.  They are super light and genie-ish.  They are outlandishly cute, but very hard to depict here.  They came in black and gray.  We got both.  Then tonight we went back (forementioned outing) and got 2 more pair in the next size up- for next year!  I know it’s crazy, but super cool genie pants don’t come along every day.

In “Hattie’s New Favorite Activity” news, this is Hattie’s new favorite activity.  She corners Tony while he lounges and she covers him with every available blanket, and perhaps her doll (pictured here Exorcist style).  Tony is extremely patient but loses interest eventually which she has a tough time understanding.  Some day I believe Tony will voluntarily climb into bed with her and grace her with his best farts all night long.  He’s a good friend.

In Alicia’s Dreams news- I had a blog worthy dream.  Actually, it was a portion of the dream which was blog worthy and I was reminded of it reading Toad’s “Naked with Garlic Bread” nightfiasco.  A week or so ago I found myself (in my dreams) amongst different restaurants in dire need of a bathroom.  I thought McDonalds would be quick and easy, so I went in.  Their bathroom was back in the cook’s area of the restaurant.  I had to go so bad that I went in the tiny one room toilet and started to go before I realized that one entire side of the wall next to the toilet was windows.  They faced a small alleyway which looked directly into someone’s dining room.  So I was peeing about 12 feet from someone’s dining room, separated only by their window and mine.  Whoever’s house this was had a great sense of humor because they had about 6 life size cut out figures of people laughing.  I was initially comforted by the fact that these were cardboard until a real person walked through the room and started watching me.  I hadn’t noticed that I was going to the bathroom on a toddler seat and when I tried to stand and pull up my pants quickly, the seat came off the toilet and got sandwiched between me and my underwear.  The person watching from his dining room let me know that this was truly the funniest thing he had ever seen.  Which was saying a lot when you have that view from your dining room.

That’s all for now.


Warning: Detailed Account of Frog’s Dream May 19, 2011

In lieu of xanax and other nerve-calming drugs, I have taken to setting my ipod to my “sleep” playlist and listening to the likes of “Zen” and other random cd’s you can find at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Plus, the stress I anticipated yesterday surrounding a meeting was greatly alleviated when the moody case manager decided to not tear into me, my staff or client’s guardian.  And by moody, I mean full-blown personality disorder.  If I didn’t like her so much I would really resent the daily eggshell walk.  But, just when I feel some relief with a work situation, I have this bizarro dream that I was working where Toad works and I was nothing short of “special needs” for lack of a better phrase.  It was time for some big time meeting and we all had to go into this special room which was locked.  Each employee going to the meeting had a badge- honeywell style and had to punch in a code.  I had been told the code but could not remember it for the life of me.  Then,  I went to follow Toad into the room, hoping she could hold the door for me.  But no!  Maybe we shouldn’t go to the Hall of Fame!  I was left walking around the uninvited employees asking for the code.  Lo! and behold! My aunt, the one in the throes of dementia tried to tell me several times, but I still couldn’t get it.  It kept changing every time it was told to me.  Well, eventually I got in and then the freak show started.  The first room was like a spa, where everyone had to take off their shoes, bathe their feet, walk in salt and then put their salty feet in some spa slippers for the meeting.  Then in the next room- boardroom style, the “executives” came in one at a time and sat at one end, with their backs to the table.  This is where that stupid show The Voice comes in.  The execs would dramatically turn around one at a time, introducing themselves.  Of course I had the misfortune of sitting in the middle of the execs, but facing the table.  It occurred to me in my dream how stupid it all was and I couldn’t stop laughing.  But, I felt bad for Toad who I think I embarrassed badly.  Sorry about that Toad.  But next time you should hold the door for your special needs friend.

You know what makes it all better?

This little Nannerpuss.  It is a …  wait for it… Mini Boden dress with Hanna ribbed capris, just in time for a sunny spring day like today!  Shoes pictured are Lelli Kelly’s and though they are bejewelled, Hattie considers them to be inferior to her now-to-small light up shoes.  She refers to these as “broken” since the over the top psychadelic sequins don’t requrire a power source.

Yesterday I reassembled her crib and removed all 1,000 of the Elmo stickers from the wood.  I put a nice masculine green sheet on it and rounded up all her semi-boyish blankets and plush toys.  We are set.  She would like to know where the baby is now.  We have talked to her about it several times.  The crib is a good conversation starter.  But, I imagine she thinks of this phantom baby as something that will only be around from time to time.  How could she ever conceptualize the reality?  This will all be interesting.

In dog news, Paco is sick.  He spent a day and a half throwing up and not eating.  We took him to the vet yesterday.  $242 later, we still don’t know what’s wrong, but they did give him some fluids and some meds to make him less nauseous.  This morning he ate a little of the food they sent home for him.  Now I must wait to capture the elusive stool sample.  They sent a dixie cup home for this.  A dixie cup!  Do they want me to return it in that?  Anyway, I know you must be worried.  Here he is, looking pitiful:

It could just be a case of missing his BFF Bailey.

Today I have no meeting and the sun is out.  It’s a good day.


Big Girl January 14, 2011

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Look what’s going on at the 900!  Big Girl Bed in action!

On Tuesday I removed the side of her crib, turning her crib into a toddler bed.  When she got home from school she was Thrilled.  Thrilled, I say.  She wanted to play “ni-ni” in it all evening.  She has been a champ with this transition.  Here is how it has gone for the past 3 nights:

Tuesday, went to bed with the exact same routine we have always done and did not exit the bed on her own.  Then, at 1:43am she came into our room.  It took 3 assisted returns to her bed to get her to stay.  In her last bed-exit, she grabbed Elmo and Mr. Bear and brought them to me.  Sweet.  Got up at 5:30am.

Wednesday, went to bed but then got out of bed 3 or 4 times and went right back as I was hanging out in the bathroom right next to her room.  Then came in our room at 2:45 and stayed in bed after one assited return.  Got up at 5:15am.

Thursday, went to bed and got up 3 times.  No middle of the night visits.  Up at 5:25am.  She is missing out on some sleep, I think this change has shaved between an hour and 1.5 hrs off her usual sleep time.  Is it terrible to admit that I’m just thankful that it hasn’t really cut into my sleep?

In other Big Girl news, she has been going potty in the potty more and more.  Her favorite thing to do it to put her feet up on the seat in front of her which makes the pee come spraying straight out.  That’s great fun.  I am trying hard to remember to tell her to put her feet down.  Instead of buying diapers yesterday, I bought pull-ups.  Yay!

Last night we had Tara and Barbara (birthmom and her mom) come for dinner at the 900.  It was a nice visit.  They were able to hang out to see a normal evening, hair conditioning and bath at the 900.

Last night I had a dream that instead of picking Toad up at 11am as planned, I found myself already at the coast at 4pm.  Toad had not called.  She did not return my panicked calls.  I ran into her and Susan Emery (?!) there and Toad forgave me but I knew I was in for an icy weekend what with Susan there and all.  Am I having anxiety dreams about my mini vacation?  And why?  Oh well, it’s time to say goodbye and pack up, PICK UP TOAD AT 11AM and get the hell out of Dodge.


My Name Is Frog and I’m Obsessed with Children’s Clothing November 23, 2010

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I got this little number from ebay yesterday, gave it a quick wash and !voila! cutest playdress ever!  Even after she spilled v-8 on it.  It’s hard to tell from the pic, but it’s just red, navy, orange, yellow and green.  A true score.  Note the hair.  She has moved from Danny McBride to Frederick Douglass.  The left side is trying to fill in which makes the right seem crazy.

Sucking on tongs, she gets ready to go to the little store to buy some string cheese.  This picture doesn’t do the lime green adidas justice.  The red pea coat got lots of compliments today.  I’m trying to think of some way that I can turn this toddler clothing obsession into something productive.  I’m coming up blank.