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NEXT!!! May 6, 2011

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I’m going to read this.

It’s a dramatic tale of a crazy knitter who takes on an epic knitting project, the Mary Tudor. Hard to find pattern, discontinued yarn and a crazy complex pattern.

I think it’s this:

You can call me nerdy…and you’d be right.

I’m thinking it’s a knitters Julie and Julia.

I will keep you posted. ALERT THE MEDIA!!!


Laff Riot

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I’m almost done with the Tina Fey book. She’s so funny. I enjoyed the behind-the-scenes stuff at SNL a lot. Remember this funny skit?

But by far the funniest chapter with the most Lolz has been her chapter on nursing. Here are some funny bits. Warning, language!!

“invented in the mid-1800s as a last ditch option for orphans and underweight babies, packaged infant formula has since been perfected to be a complete and reliable source of stress and shame for mothers.”

“as a member of generation x I was more informed, more empowered, and I knew that when it came to breastfeeding I had an obligation to my baby to pretend to try.”

“we tried the football hold, the cross cradle hold and the one I like to call the Bret michaels, where you kind of lie over the baby and stick your breast in its mouth to wake it up.”

Her baby was a tiny baby and her OB suggested that perhaps she hadn’t rested enough during the pregnancy. Tina writes “‘what a c*nt,’ I thought to myself in what was either a flash of postpartum hormones or an accurate assessment of my doctor’s personality.”

“if you’ve never opened a can of infant formula mix you know it smells like someone soaked old vitamins in a bucket of wet leaves then dried them in a hot car.”

Oh Tina. She perfectly captured the pressure to nurse and the overwhelming attitudes of what she calls Teat Nazis.

I look back now and don’t think I could do it again. It was not easy. And those f’ing lactation specialists were USELESS CULT-ZOMBIES.

It’s really a testament to my stubbornness that I hung on as long as I did. Me, admitting stubbornness!


Oh for the love… May 4, 2011

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…Tina Fey is so funny. And smart.

And born the same year as me.

If I had girl offspring, I’d want them to aspire to Tina Fey. Versus their other tv role models like Tyra banks. Or any of the kardashi-dorks. Or basically anyone on MTV. Or E!


Dispatches from greasy town

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I read this book. It was good. It’s the equivalent of a chick lit book but written by a dude. I think there’s actually a name for that: lad lit, but that’s embarrassing.

I’m done with grief for awhile though. After the stillborn baby book then this dead wife book, I’m griefed out.

Our next book club book is Just Kids by Patti Smith, about her and Robert Mapplethorpe in 70’s NYC doing the art/punk scene. I think. I am a big dummy and didn’t know what Mpplethrp’s work was like so I went to the Google. Lawsie Mercy. He has one set of 10 pictures that was more than I could handle. He’s dead now, so I wonder if it will be more grief. I need a palate cleanser.

What else? We renamed the dog tonight: Turdface. Cute!

My bebe’s are at their grandparents’ house tonight. We had happy hour but now I’m missing them. Maybe Turdface will come sit in the Cubby.


Lunchtime! May 2, 2011

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Greetings readers! Or should I say reader? Or should I say ether?

Today for lunch I had leftovers. Leftover Chinese food.

I finished up a book last night and started this one that I found next to my nightstand. That Jonathan Tropper is a funny guy. I read “This is Where I Leave You” and really liked it.

I’m only 19 pages in, but am predicting: Winner. Check out this paragraph:

“Okay. Here’s what I’ve learned. You can live your life being nice to everyone, you can be a loving son, a moderately decent student, never do hard drugs or impregnate anyone’s daughter, be an all-around good guy and live in harmony with all of God’s creatures. But crash one stolen Mercedes in front of the position station when you’re fifteen years old and they’ll never let you forget it. My mother was scandalized, terrified about what the neighbors would think, although in this case she was somewhat justified since it was actually the neighbor’s car, but that’s why you pay for insurance, right? If you never file a claim, then they’ve beaten you.”

That’s funny.

Tonight is book group which is a big yay. It’s at KB’s house in Vancouver which is a double yay. Not yay for the drive to WA, but yay for seeing KB and her kids and her hubby who is always good for a laugh. I made a key lime pie, but left it in the oven for approximately double the time it was supposed to be in there. WHOOPS. It looks okay, but I’m worried about the texture. The best part of KLP is the creamy melty texture. I’m hoping it’s not like Jello. Or a gummy worm.

I love book group. I love talking books and tv and life with the gals. It’s truly a highlight on my social calendar.

What else? I can’t think of anything else. So this should be where I leave you.


Reading lots May 1, 2011

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Finished this. A Portland guy, works at Powell’s.

I didn’t like it much. The format was quick little random essays about memories/stories from his childhood. Personally, I think it was a lazy-man’s memoir.

But, I can tell I’ll be thinking about it some tomorrow. So there is that.


Book binge April 30, 2011

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I read this. A memoir about a woman who loses a baby. Stillborn. Tragic.

But it was good – she’s quite a writer. I’d read one of her novels years ago.

It was interesting to read about grief and what the process is like.

I met a wonderful woman several years ago and we really clicked. Her daughter and B. were on the same b-ball team. We talked at every game and I really dug her. She had two daughters but told me she lost a baby and really had three children and didn’t like to say she only had two kids. I don’t remember what I said but I remember being sad for her and thinking I really couldn’t relate and COULD WE CHANGE THE SUBJECT?

I see now how I could have handled that better. I wonder if this woman has read this book?

I lost touch with her after the basketball but then reconnected recently and totally randomly via the wonders of the Facebook. She went to high school with a woman I’m friends with on the FB. My FB friend is really a friend of Charla-n-Angie’s from college and I don’t actually know her that well. But she saw a comment from me and sent me a message asking if I was the gal from basketball et voila, we reconnected!

I wish I could have a do-over vis a vis The Conversation vis a vis the baby who died. I’d do better.

Anyway, this book was good. I laughed. I cried.