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23 March, 2018 01:26 March 23, 2018

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Kelsey Yuzon


7 February, 2018 02:58 February 7, 2018

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Kelsey Yuzon


It’s exactly what I wanted! November 6, 2016

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I suggest you have a look! This is exactly the thing that I wanted!

Kelsey Yuzon


16 May, 2016 02:47 May 16, 2016

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17 March, 2016 04:57 March 17, 2016

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Best regards,
Kelsey Yuzon


Oy February 15, 2016

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I have a new boss and he seems great, but also: New Boss.

He comes from the Tech side of things and I like how he walks through his thoughts/directions/etc. Vair logical. So I have high hopes.

But he was editing my writing today, and ooooooooh I get prickly about writing. You cannot tell it from this here blog, but I am decent at the business writing. Written communication is better for me than verbal.

Alas, I must learn his way and bend where necessary for the good of the order. When I get frustrated, I’ll just take it out on the gal who reports to me, as it goes in Life and in Business with the shit rolling downhill. She always writes “If you have any questions, please ask Kxxxxx or I.” I tried to tell her it’s “Kxxxxx or me” and she, the millennial know-it-all firmly disagreed. What is UP with the millennial know-it-alls??

And let us not speak of the fact that my new boss is maybe in the millennial age range. I’m that older, cranky lady at the office now. The one who is set in her ways and wants to use her adding machine w/paper roll tape. Not really. I don’t use an adding machine. Time to go now. I must set forth to mimeograph some documents. I bid you a curt farewell.


What up ? January 28, 2016

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I finalllllllly got all my signed contract crap back from one major coffee company (tasters choice) (not really) so I went to mail it with the label they provided. I happened to inquire about the insurance on the package, because if this didn’t make it up there for some reason I wouldn’t get my money from Folgers. It was insured for about 10% of the value so I paid to ship it up myself with the full insurance. Because I want that check, can you dig it? Paranoid? Maybe. Careful? Yes!

I also had to buy some stamps while I was there because I can’t resist a pretty postage stamps. I have a thing for postage stamps, I love them very much.

So now I just have to sit here and wait until the fall probably, to find out what they’re going to do, if anything, with my cup.