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Scrabble August 21, 2010

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Ok it was the Secret tourney that Jlew won. But look at the real tourney. There’s some old shit in here. I never did hear who won the game between MHar and The Commenter Formerly Known as Aut. I think she died or something. I haven’t heard from her in ages.

See the pain? I can’t see this ever finishing up!!


Info about Scrab Tourney is buried in there somewhere…

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Nice weather in P-Town today – not too hot, not too cool.  Me likey. After B and I got home from our date, I put a blanket on the front lawn and took a nap.  It was perrrrfect, until some dumb teenagers came along and woke me up.  I didn’t see them but I heard them and they had that braying donkey sound to their voice that put them in late middle school in my estimation.  I think they had a camera and took a picture of my sleeping on the lawn.  J got wind of it and starting walking over to them and they skulked off.  Then he walked down to the corner where they were and asked, “Did you get everything you needed?  I’m just wondering if you got the enough pictures.  Do you need anything else?” and they stuttered something about Neighborhood Watch or something and beat feet out of here.  Ha Ha punks.  Don’t mess with this house or the sleeping middle aged Lady of the Lawn, or you’ll get J all up in your business.  And I don’t think you want that.  Ha!

Today I was struck again by how much I love Portland.  B and I had a nice time on Hawthorne and Mississippi.  The weather was nice, the people were weird and the shopping was good.  Just how I like it.  It was nice to spend several hours with B. just one-on-one. 

OH!  Scrabble Tourney!  I finally found the Scrabble brackets.  They were lost for a long time but they were uncovered on one of our clean outs.  JLew and I needed to play one more game for the championship, but since we’ve had SEVERAL unofficial games lately, and she’s cleaned my clock each and every time, I think it’s fair to declare her the Undisputed Frog and Toad Scrabble Champion!  Congrats, JLew – a prize was procured today and will be shipping off post haste.  I actually found the brackets a while ago but keep forgetting to mention them – time and time again.

Tonight our babysitter is coming over and J and I are going to see a movie.  We’re both tired and meh, so I think we’re going to see a dumb comedy.  I don’t want to think too much, so Inception would not be a good one for tonight.  I just want to laugh and unplug.  My brain’s been on OT lately at work with technical stuff then at home wrassling with the FLDS and Joe Smith and the very nature of religion.  I’m turrrrred.  I need easy breezy.  I started Hunger Games last night and had to put it down with Katniss’ (oh god with the apostrophes) sister getting chosen.  My brain really couldn’t handle that dystopian nightmare.  Especially when it involves The Chilluns.  Or The Chilblains, as I’ve been calling them lately.  I forgot about that word until I was reading Henry Oades.  What a great word.  You just don’t hear it anymore – and it made me wonder where I heard it in the first place.  Probably in my childhood reading of stuff like Little Women.  I wonder if kids still read those classics?  I’m sure Hunger Games is going to be great, but part of me still hopes girls somewhere are reading about Meg, Jo, Susan Sarandon as Marmee and TV’s Claire Danes as…one of them.

Z is doing laps on his bike – he’s so cute.  His new fave thing is to ride to the top of the hill and haul ass down.  I want to get him a sumo costume to wear in case he falls.  B has taken my spot on the blanket on the lawn – come back teenagers!  J’s inside and you’d get my much less cool and intimidating harassment.  I’d just screech you to death.  J is inside resting – he was out late last night with his metal mania boyfriends.  Oz is laying on the driveway, surveying the scene.  Life is good in Tigard, Oregon. 

Oh knitters – go look at the Annis on Knitty.  I saw one in real life today, with beads, and it was so pretty.  We may or may not have stopped at Happy Knits while on Hawthorne.  Oops.  I may or may not have purchased a .9mm crochet hook small enough to fit INSIDE beads. 

TB is on tomorrow.  I’m seriously sad that there are only 3 eps left.  And get this:  the next season of Breaking Bad is not out until JULY 2011.  Srsly?  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!  The new True Blood comic is out, btw.  And I went to the comic shop up on Mississippi and it Is No Excalibur.  Let’s just leave it at that. 

Some folks just walked by with a baby in a stroller but it was an old fashiony one, like a perambulator.  Love those.  I generally love old words and am feeling the need to incorporate them into my daily vocab…because I saw yesterday that chillax made it into the OED.  Lerd help us all.  And if you ever hear me say Staycation, that will signal the coming of the apocolypse folks, so make sure your fundie undies are clean.

My kids growing up, me longing for simple, old words for strollers and hoping girls are reading Little Women?  PAGING DR. FREUD…THERE’S A MOTHER HAVING TROUBLE DEALING WITH CHANGE ON LINE THREE.


Scrabble! July 1, 2010

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Did you see in Alicia’s last post that she had some Scrabble results?  I was shocked!  I thought the tourney died a quiet death!  But no!  Hooray!

Emily and Linda – you two need to fire up a game!

MHar & Aut- who won your game?  Winner, start a game with Kirsten.  Loser, start a game with me.

I’m just going to put this out there.  Us hardcore folks who play all the time started another secret tourney.  Sorry.  Now let’s get that resurrected too!  MHar & Sauls – who won your game?  The winner of that game should start one with JLew.

NEW RULES:  For the fast players paired with a slow player – use the Nudge feature to remind your opponent it’s their turn.  Stay on the Nudge feature and if they don’t play, Nudge until you can Force Forfeit.  You’ll win the game and maybe we’ll finish this bitch in 2010.

Thanks dudes!


Scrabble Tourney – remember that? June 6, 2010

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alicia – emily:  you two need to play eachother

autumn – michelle: how’s it going?

Everyone else, you’re in a holding pattern.


AUTUMN! May 30, 2010

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It’s your turn in Scrabble.  I know you’re in town, donkey.  You’re seeing Alicia tomorrow.

Git on it.   😉


SCRABBLE-OFF May 27, 2010

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Based on Frog and Michelle’s game — now Michelle and Autumn need to fire it up!

Emily and Jackie need to GIT R DONE.

Quinn and Kirsten need to PUT A TURBO ON IT.

Alicia, you’ll play the non-winner of the Emily/Jackie game.

Jennifer, you’ll play the winner of the Emily/Jackie game.

I will play the non-winner of the Quinn/Kirsten game. 

Linda, you’ll play the winner of the Alicia or Emily/Jackie game.

Comment if you have questions.


Hey Toadie,

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MHar won our game.  I’m just pleased I didn’t get totally stomped.