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Awesomely awesome May 1, 2011

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One of my favorite things is TREATS IN THE MAIL.

And this is a winner, all the way from Texas!

That’s a skein of my favorite ever Malabrigo color: Bobby Blue! I had a skein of it I used up then gave the finished item away. Now I can make something for myself!

And the notecards are great. I love old timey circus stuff and AND circus-y font AND anything written on a ribbon/banner type thingy. And the message “be adventurous” is Fab. I could stand to be a little more adventurous. Like maybe today I’ll knit in the chair instead of on the couch! Or maybe I’ll take a nap on the long side of the couch instead of my preferred short side!

Thanks JLew…enjoy the books and loan them out if you have friends who want to read them. I like my books to get read!


Book Club Gals December 9, 2010

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Holla!! Coming up on 15 years, eh ladies?

I love these people!


Look how CUTE! December 2, 2010

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Made by iCount!


See what it’s like to be my friend? November 10, 2010

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An email exchange between Frog and Toad.

(And I Google’d it. It’s the hockey puck shaped one. I was hoping for the Suzy Q one. But I will live.)


Mon-Wed…not bad November 4, 2010

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A three-day hat. Loverly! My favorite part of ye good olde beanie is always the neatly swirling top decreases. Perfection!

My other favorite thing about The Knitting (but there are many!) is seeing my wares In The Wild. Look what Chareola sent me today out of the blue via text with a mssg saying “Thanks Again.” Good ol’ Malabrigo Velvet Grapes, pattern = A Better Bucket. I made this for her several years ago. Luvsit!


Boo Boo October 26, 2010

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  • November 6th for some crafty fun.  I’m guessing at Toad’s house.  It’s big, clean and J will pick up after us.  Bo-Nus.  This time I will be doing my best to figure out how to set the pong design square on the shirt.
  • Regarding Toad’s recent claim that she hates Miracle Whip, it’s only fair to let our readers know that she only hates it when she doesn’t know she’s eating it.  Allow me to recount a snip of a conversation between Toad and Charla, brought to you by the steel trap otherwise known as my memory:

Toad: I love this macaroni salad; how did you make it, Charla?

Charla: Oh, just macaroni, pickles, eggs, mustard and Miracle Whip.

Toad:  Miracle Whip! Well fer Chrissakes.

You see, people, this is what happens when you hang out with one person for, oh, 30 years.  They can always catch you in your Miracle Whip misstatements and they are not afraid to tell the world, in one long run-on sentence, even when you forget.  You’re welcome, Toad.

  • How random is this?

Why 2 Boos?  I think that Mr. Good Whishe designed this sticker.

  • Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the 6th.  I will see if Gina wants to get a sitter so we can both go.  OMG, Gina, crafting?  Hmm, maybe I’ll rethink.

In which I abuse Amaze-balls September 24, 2010

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Lunchtime. Let’s have some bullets, shall we?

  • In dog news, my dog gets an F in the watchdog category. My dad came over last night around midnight on his way through town. He came in the house, with a key, and upstairs to the spare bedroom without a peep from Ozzy. She probably couldn’t hear him over her snoring. Lame dog. Here’s a picture of the boys before school, with grandpa.
  • In craft news, I started a new needlepoint/cross stitch thingy. Did I finish that wedding one I started months back? Uh no. I’d like to implement a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy here on F&TT vis-à-vis the craft completion rate. Okay? But the new one, oh it’s lovely. It’s a blackwork piece – all black thread on a solid background. The blackwork was popular in Spain I think, and came into popularity with Katharine of Aragon, and you know how I am with the Tudor era. The linen I chose if vair au naturale looking, and I splurged on silk thread instead of good old Run DMC. Here’s a project shot. I was looking at it last night and admiring it and realizing that stitching this pattern is all about the triangle shapes. But when it’s done, your eye reads it as circles with the stars in the middle, and the triangle shapes are just the border. Amazing thing, white space and how our brains read things. Amaze-balls!
  • In work news, I’ve been Al Pacino this week at work and have kicked major ass on many many things. I’ve also been uber-busy at home being the single mom. It’s a good feeling – I’m totally ready for this weekend and looking forward to having some big fun. It also reminds me of something a friend’s dad says: If you want something done, give it to a busy person. I’ve been busy, but also super productive. Funny how that works.
  • In husband news, J. gets home today. Yay! I got dinner going in the crock pot (I had to prep it last night, so it was like making two dinners last night – lame) and we’re all so excited to see him. Z was really missing him last night.
  • In weekend fun news, Sauly is heading down tonight and we’re hitting up the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby tomorrow. It’s an event I look forward to all year. It’s at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds and it’s a big fair type thingy with vendors and animals and displays and all the local knitters and spinner en force. I’ve been the last two years and it’s always a great day. You get the cool fall morning action, then the afternoon sun action with lots of good people watching, shopping, eating and this year: VISITING WITH SAULS! We’re meeting Kirsten and Emily there, and hope to run into Teresa. In years past, one of my fave things was a woman who brought her herding dogs out and did a demo of their herding skills with geese (!). I think they were Border Collies and watching them herd those geese to wherever she told them to, with her subtle commands was amaze-balls. I think it’s a little like a Star Trek convention…if you’re into knitting and stuff, you’ll like it. If you’re not – you’ll just think WHERE DID ALL THESE WEIRDOS COME FROM?? Cooooooon wait. I am one of those weirdos!
  • In donut news, I had two donuts today. That is grosser than gross and I can’t believe I admitted it. Donuts are the Devil’s Breakfast Treat. So good, but SO bad for you.
  • In blog news, I had a good convo with Frog today about the blog and what the blog is for, etc. I can’t get to the dashboard (the behind the scenes look at the blog that only she and I can get to) and it’s freed me up a little…I no longer see our stats and how many people are reading or not reading. And I’ve come to realize the Blog is whatever it needs to be, based on how/what I’m doing. I think I use it like a journal and do my navel-gazey stuff on here (not all, believe me)…and I also use it like a photo album…and I also use it as a vehicle to get some attention or stir the turd…whatever I feel like doing!! It’s really not For the People, it’s For the Person, and that Person is me. I realize that not everything I write appeals to everyone, but that’s life and we’re all adults here, right? Don’t read if you don’t like. Personally, I think I’m going to l-o-v-e looking back on this and seeing the kids pics and seeing what minutiae I was dwelling on back in 2010. It’s going to seem like small potatoes when I’m dealing with teenagers, right?
  • In I think that’s it news, I think that’s it. Have a great weekend, everyone. I know I will. Toodles!