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WTH Spanish coffee? November 9, 2013

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For the past two weeks after football games we’ve gone out with some teammates/friends and had lunch. It’s been COLD outside so I ordered a Spanish coffee to warm up. I’ve never had one before. People! The first one was so strong I couldn’t finish it. It tasted like it was made with moonshine or something! Then the one today was too strong as well. I had to have them top it off with more coffee AND add cream so I could even take it. And I didn’t finish it. And it was at a different restaurant!

WTH? Is Spanish coffee always so strong? It’s undrinkable! It’s made with some kind of prohibition era airplane gasoline? I feel confuse why they’re so popular.

Please advise.



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I’m putting this here so I’ll never lose it again. This is an iCount delicacy and I’ve had to ask her for the recipe approx. one jillion times, which is L-A-M-E!

I was in a rush yesterday and made some from a similar but FAR INFERIOR recipe and it was a sad state of affairs. I was embarrassed to take them to the party, but I did it anyway.

People – try them. They’re crazy delicious and always get snatched up at parties.

Word to your Karo syrup!


Din din yum yum May 8, 2011

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Dinner was a hit. Well, a medium hit. Z didn’t like it. B was medium. But J liked it. And it had brown rice. BROWN RICE! It’s a miracle. I credit the Yumm Sauce.


We had: onions, corn, tomatoes, avocados, garbanzos, black beans, brown rice, cheese, chicken breast, edamame, sour cream. AND YUMM SAUCE!

Good times.

Today is J’s bday. Happy Birthday! He got a new set of knives and a wood block to keep them in, from his parents. I used one of the newbies to cut up veggies tonight and oh. My. Gosh. What a difference a good knife makes. Srsly, our old knives were like vegetable mashers compared to the new jobbies.

That’s all folks. Hope everyone had a nice Sunday.


Cafe Yumm! May 7, 2011

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Holy shit! Has anyone been to cafe yumm?

I knew nothing about it but B and I were starvin marvins so we stopped in.

It’s brown rice bowls with beans and cheese, avocado, tomatoes and olives. And a special Yumm sauce. I didn’t ask any questions and just ordered the basic. And omg. Sooooo good. The yumm sauce is some brewers yeast fandango and it is so good. I googled and it’s a chain that started in Eugene. Of course. Brewers yeast = Eugene, no?

Anyways! It’s so good. Check it out. Stop in if you see one. B loved it, so it’s kid approved. And healthy.


Ganache FAIL December 22, 2010

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It’s suppzd to be gracefully dripping down the side.
Instead I had to shove it. And there was no dripping. It was more
like glopping. Ah well, the flava is
good. They all can’t be beauty queens.


Pitchers December 21, 2010

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Good grief. This pie is picture perfect. I think that’s
what my bottom oven is good for. It doesn’t cook as hot from the
top like the regglar oven does. Good to know. This is going to J’s
grandparents tomorrow. And here are the seven
mini loaves. I needed 3/4 cup pumpkin for a recipe and J brought
home a 29 oz. can. Did y’all know that a recipe for two regglar
loaves makes seven minis? I did not. I tried one. it’s
deeeericious. Maybe one to J’s aunt. Or two.



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I have seven loaves of pumpkin bread in the oven. And a pecan pie.

And the pecan pie crust is a Crime Against Humanity. The TJs crust broke so I had to cobble it together. Then I let it thaw too much and got it lopsided in the pan. So one side is THICK and one is thin. Ah well. That’s life in the big city.

I’ll post a picture if it’s ugly enough.