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Hattie August 16, 2013

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Headed out for a bike ride with a 25% chance of rain. She’s prepared.



On the Lookout for Athletic Asian Albinos June 28, 2011

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  • Toad, I didn’t ask,but I registered another blog here.  I hope that’s ok.  The intent is to have a place for interested birthmoms to see pics of their babies (well, their two babies).  This might be a good kid journal/baby book plus I won’t have to send out pictures and letters every so often.  It will all just be there.  This will not take the place of F&TT blogging, however.  Well, it’s not like I’m setting anything on fire over here, anyways.
  • A couple of days ago I was walking into Target and my path was crossed by… an albino!  Not your run of the mill albino- just super white/pink.  She was practically clear!  Of course I started to follow her around the store to get a better look.  I got close enough to see that she was Asian (Japanese maybe?).  Even more intriguing.  It reminded me of the picture in the Time-Life books we used to have when I was little.  It was a picture of some fairly primitive African tribesmen and among them sat… an albino!  The clear kind!  Unfortunately I could not keep up with this Asian Albino through Target.  You see, I forgot to change out of my flip flops before I left the house.  Alas!  My flip flops were not meant to keep up with Athletic Asian Albinos.
  • Diego’s due date nears.  He is due on July 19th.  Did I tell you that we went to meet with birthmom and her parents one more time?  No?  Well, we had another great meeting with them.  We learned a little more about birthdad.  My niece actually knows him through a common friend.  Crazy.  We are pretty well ready for this- except for that wave of dread about losing sleep and not really knowing how this is all going to fit into Hattie’s world.  The other day when I picked Hattie up from school, the teacher said that she had a little mini melt down, crying and saying “Diego come…baby come home…”   I was shocked that she really seems to understand what is about to befall her.  But, I guess when you put a crib up in a toddler’s room and tell her that her baby brother Diego will be sleeping there, then move all of her clothes to the closet and replace the girl clothes in the dresser with baby boy clothes, the toddler may just well get a clue from that.  Ok, I’m dumb.  I’m a dumb mom.  I guess I’m most anxious, not about Hattie’s reactions to these impending realities, but about Gina’s reactions.  She is the most indulgent parent out of we two indulgent parents.  Hattie’s protests will make her sad to her very foundation.  I keep telling her that this will happen and it will be the best thing for Hattie eventually.  I think it will all sink into place once she falls in love with said baby.  I already know he’s very cute.
  • Gina bought 4 pounds of Dewar’s candy.  What is that? you ask?  Well, they are individually wrapped taffy-thingys.  For anyone who knows anything about candy, I can tell you that it is exactly like an AbbaZabba, only soft.  These are as addictive as crackballs, my friends!  They look a little something like this:
  • Who hasn’t seen Hattie in a while?
I couldn’t get a good picture, so I decided to use this one.  Does this expression not lend itself to made up captions?  Let me try a few:
  1. “Um, Mom, maybe you shouldn’t pull your pants way up to your bra.” (It’s the new Hall of Fame)
  2. “Um, I’d rather not kiss either Rush Limbaugh OR the sick bastard from the Silence of the Lambs.
  3. “Um, Tony farted- AGAIN.”
  • In Ebay news: I am listing all of Hattie’s outgrown clothes/shoes on Ebay.  Perhaps her dreams of college aren’t dead yet.

All Ages Show June 6, 2011

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Our third annual picture of Hattie and Darcelle.  Two beauties, yes?

Hattie with Godmother Maria

Maria brought her up on stage before the show.  Hattie is famous, you see.

She walked back to her seat all by herself.  Is it weird that Hattie knows her way around Darcelles?  This is a decent picture of the outfit.  Mini Boden dress, Hanna ribbed capris and some plain sandals.   Do I need to say it?  Vair cute.

She sat and watched almost the whole show.  This was after a solid 45 min of just hob-nobbing with the drag queens.  On top of that, she only had a 10 minute nap!  We thought for sure she would melt down, but she was a star.

We are headed to Sunriver for a few days with Grammy and Papa.  Yesterday I bought a Burley bike trailer and I plan to get a bike in Sunriver.  I hope to have Hattie feeding the horses at the stables tomorrow morning.  Swimming too!


Hello Sunny Day! June 3, 2011

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  • Frog HATES the Pretenders.  Brass in Pocket is listenable, but that is the only song that is, in my opinion.  I’m not convinced that the picture you posted is not Steven Tyler.  Remember Milla always blasting the Pretenders?  Oh Milla.
  • Frog does not hate small boxy cars, though the thought of FotC driving that purple one is amusing.
Are we going to have to break up now?  Before we do, let me tell you about an exciting business opportunity.  We should get together soon.
What’s more exciting than pictures of Hattie?  Well, nothing in my book.  But second to that is pictures taken BY Hattie.  Here are some for her portfolio:
To the left is Tito.  Handsome and stoic.  To the right is Nanook of the North, giving a photography lesson.  Also handsome and stoic, yes?  But wait!  There’s more!
Tony far, Tony near.  She is working on her contrasting.
To the left is a semi-picture of a favorite picture of hers, her and Minnie.  She worked  very hard to get this much of the picture.  A novel idea- a picture of a picture!  To the right is Paco’s back and left haunch against the couch.  But you have to admit that if someone told you that this was some award-winning photo which hangs in some swanky NYC art gallery, you wouldn’t balk, would you?
What to do today?  Who cares, it’s sunny.  I am so ready for this.  I will work around the house- nesting and preparing for Diego.  Have you all heard the final on the name?  Diego, that is.  I think it’s the only name that will keep me and Gina from ripping off each others’ faces.  So, thereyougo.

ART SHOW! May 30, 2011

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We did this once before but she didn’t seem too thrilled.  But today after an outing, she asked “Art show…” and she had out the string and clothes pins.  So, we got out the portfolio and made some selections.  Then I got on the phone and invited Hattie’s biggest fan and neighbor, John.  She was very proud.  I have a feeling that tomorrow at school she will be very prolific.  Next thing you know, we will part of Mt. Tabor’s art walk (whatever that is).  Look at that little face.

What this picture doesn’t do justice to is her pants.  These little capris deserve a great big mention on le blog.  They are super light and genie-ish.  They are outlandishly cute, but very hard to depict here.  They came in black and gray.  We got both.  Then tonight we went back (forementioned outing) and got 2 more pair in the next size up- for next year!  I know it’s crazy, but super cool genie pants don’t come along every day.

In “Hattie’s New Favorite Activity” news, this is Hattie’s new favorite activity.  She corners Tony while he lounges and she covers him with every available blanket, and perhaps her doll (pictured here Exorcist style).  Tony is extremely patient but loses interest eventually which she has a tough time understanding.  Some day I believe Tony will voluntarily climb into bed with her and grace her with his best farts all night long.  He’s a good friend.

In Alicia’s Dreams news- I had a blog worthy dream.  Actually, it was a portion of the dream which was blog worthy and I was reminded of it reading Toad’s “Naked with Garlic Bread” nightfiasco.  A week or so ago I found myself (in my dreams) amongst different restaurants in dire need of a bathroom.  I thought McDonalds would be quick and easy, so I went in.  Their bathroom was back in the cook’s area of the restaurant.  I had to go so bad that I went in the tiny one room toilet and started to go before I realized that one entire side of the wall next to the toilet was windows.  They faced a small alleyway which looked directly into someone’s dining room.  So I was peeing about 12 feet from someone’s dining room, separated only by their window and mine.  Whoever’s house this was had a great sense of humor because they had about 6 life size cut out figures of people laughing.  I was initially comforted by the fact that these were cardboard until a real person walked through the room and started watching me.  I hadn’t noticed that I was going to the bathroom on a toddler seat and when I tried to stand and pull up my pants quickly, the seat came off the toilet and got sandwiched between me and my underwear.  The person watching from his dining room let me know that this was truly the funniest thing he had ever seen.  Which was saying a lot when you have that view from your dining room.

That’s all for now.


IPAD! May 21, 2011

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What happened to this day?  I had ufa last night and couldn’t sleep between 1:45 and 4 or so.  So, when Hattie woke up, I asked Gina to do duty so I could sleep.  I slept until almost 10!  That’s a big WOW for Frog.  Then I hung out with Hattie and when I got around to thinking about some type of activity, possibly out of the house, I saw that it was noon.  Nap time.  I hadn’t even fed her.  So, I threw together as sure to be eaten lunch and started nap routine.  I promptly then retired myself for the duration of her nap until 3:30.  This has been my day.  It’s now 7:14pm and my lack of shower is finally starting to bother me.  I did make dinner and we all spent some time making smores in the backyard before bath and hairwash.  I feel a little guilty, then I realize that this is one of Hattie’s all time favorite kinds of days.  She never got dressed!  I have officially turned into a slacker.  I just have to keep reminding myself that she loves it.  So, here is the downside to all of this slacking:

She has become addicted to the ipad.  We have toddler games and there is some episodes of that punk-a**, Caillou.  She is now able to entertain herself for long periods of time.  I feel so guilty, but it’s so nice!  I told her we could wait a little before going to bed tonight and she turned on her heel and yelled “ipad!”


More on Names May 20, 2011

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Thanks for all the baby name suggestions.  Best so far: Pablo and Sully.  Gina says she likes Pablo but says she will commit to nothing right now.  For the love of God, we haven’t even met birthmom yet.  But I tell you right now readers, if I can slip Pablo through, you can COUNT on his middle name being Cruise.  I kid not.  I would call him that anyway, why not make if official?

We have made Hattie so happy by something so simple.  It’s as if we gave her her own personal Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Barbie Go-Kart and live Elmo playmate all rolled into one.  Here it is:

It is a swatch of chalkboard paint on her wall.  She loooooooooooves this.

Yesterday we started on cleaning up the backyard.  I have been planting stuff, Gina has been powerwashing furniture and John disassembled the stray cats’ winter house, aka, Hattie’s playhouse.  It got a good powerwash and she was happy as a clam.  It actually took her attention off of her chalkboard for the entire afternoon.  She sat in it and said “picture.”  First time for everything.  Then, I found this gem of a picture:

It seems that Hattie’s interest in photography continues.  Gina looks so tough, doesn’t she.  The Mexican in the wife beater.  Oh my.