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Figured it out too late! November 9, 2013

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I knit almost a whole cowl at B’s game! Next year I’m doing one per game and banging out my craft exchange items at football! Remind me.

It’s pretty cute. Icy blue with some bling. Good for winter.

B’s team lost this morning against Aloha. They had a great season – this was their first loss. Srsly amazing coaches. It was a fun season. Part of me is sad it’s over but mostly I’m glad. Practice + school iz real hard.


Roth-Koasters October 22, 2013

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Hmm. They’re kinda cool. A special nod to Dave S with the Dew.

Poor Dave S. I thought about that story a lot today. My favorite line was the one about “you make your family happy now and worry about the details later” or some such.

I also like anytime his dad says “baloney!” because I can hear him (DS) saying it in my head. Oh Lou. I hope he’s still alive and kickin’.

The weather is so perf merf lately, right?! I was driving to work and took a long cut so I could drive along Barbur Blvd to enjoy the trees in their orangey glory. It made me wonder about New England fall and can it really be THAT gorgeous?! Or is it the leaf industry building up hype to sell more leaves?? Paint it red, and sell it to anyone, as Papa Jim would say.

I also took a long cut to work because I’ve seen this young man working at a gas station on Barbur who I SWORE was from TV’s Little People Big World. I was just sure it was him and I was so curious why he was working at the 76 next to The Pancake House. So I stopped in to get gas today. And it weren’t him. I’m glad I stopped though. 1) I needed gas and B) now I know. I only have three more days to travel that route to the gulag. Thank Jebus! My boss was soooooooooooooooooooo infuriating today. It’s too long and way too boring, but ERMERGERD he’s a ding dong.

I have book club Thursday and for the first time in 100 years, I didn’t read the book. I’ve been reading, but relatively lite fare. I’m too twitchy lately. I got the narves real bad.

B’s football team is undefeated which means they’ll be in the play offs which means MORE FOOTBALL PRACTICE. And it’s time to WRAP THIS SHIT UP. It’s too busy with practice and homework and just LIFE. He’s getting tired and overwhelmed with school, math in partic.

Me? I’m awake at 12:43. Everything’s FINE!!

Lookie my coasters!


Knitting September 10, 2013

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Readers, I know you’re not knitters. But I like you any way! I just encourage you to look at this link and marvel at the talent of one Jared Flood. He’s a young guy from Seattle who is a photographer, knitter turned yarn manufacturer and knit designer. His collections are soooooooo beautifully shot. His layouts, the knits, the photos….everything is perfection. Look at the nature shots in his most recent collection. Gorge!

I made a baby blanket for Diego with a Jared Flood design AND his yarn. Highly impractical 100% wool, but I think it’s heirloom beautiful.

I like the Trillium sweater. Esp in the purple. Pretts!

Just humor me and peek at a few pages, dummieZzzzzzzz.




My people are cah-rafty! September 20, 2011

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Emily’s tortoise and hare mitts. Tres tres cute. See the fair isle critters? Amazeballs.

And here’s her brioche project. Double sided. Equally amazeballs. And completely beyond my skill slash patience level.



Sweater Fabuloso January 9, 2011

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Super Fab sweater on a not-so-cooperative 2 year old.  I asked her to put it on, she refused since it was something that I was requesting.  Without a fight I went to hang it up and then of course she asked to put it on.  I wanted her to stand still, a distance away from me so I could take a pic.  No dice.  See on the left she was giving me the “done” sign as she walked to me.  Well, the sweater fits and it’s FAB.  Thank you so much Toad.  Her teacher at school is going to flip over this.  We’ll be wearing it often.  P.S. the bulge in the tummy is due to large breakfast, not to too small of sweater.  Word.


I’m breaking up with Stephen West January 7, 2011

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Knitters, this is for you.

Look at that column of slipped st that I foxtrotted up.

I’m choosing to blame the designer. The whole YO between a K and a P stitch is also UNACCEPTABLE. As is intarsia.

I’ll finish this up, hopefully before blady weekend, then we are over, Stephen, OVER. Unless Little Colannade pulls me in.

Can I get a freaking witness?


Mystery Knitting January 3, 2011

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If a certain 2yo reads the blog, I don’t want her to know
what this is. But it’s progressing. I may have to call in sick
Thursday to finish it, but I’ll do it, by cracky. I’ve never done a
button band though…is it easy?