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1977 hilariousity May 4, 2011

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I didn’t watch Glee last night but I hear it was a Fleetwood Mac episode.

What on earth was funnier than the Rumours album cover in 1977? Me and Prune Pits used to laugh and laugh at it. Her mom had the album and we thought it was HI-larious.

Is that Mick Fleetwood? Oh Mick.

My other favorite Fleetwood Mac joke was on Californication. Kathleen Turner’s character was bragging about some precious metal coke spoon she got in the 80’s from “a female member of Fleetwood Mac who shall remain nameless. But it wasn’t Christine McVie.”


Oh. For. The. Love. January 30, 2011

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Why do you vex me vis-a-vis the GOTTDAM Social Network so late at night? I am so riled up I had to bring the computer upstairs to blog properly, not on the iPhone.

I am not more moral than you.  That is redonkeylous.  Alls I said was that the movie was good, okay, meh, whatever.  But I did not love it.  That is all.  You know what I think was a better movie?  The Town!  I enjoyed that more!  I think the Social Network suffered by my seeing it late.  Me seeing it late?  I’d heard you raving about it for months and expected the next My Dinner With Andre.  And was a little underwhelmed.

Now let’s talk about Mark Zuckerberg.  I’d bet every big huge business like FB has some seedy beginning story like that.  Who’s screwing whom and who got Left Behind.  I don’t think it’s a revolutionary topic.  It’s MONEY.  The only f’ing reason The Social Network was made into a movie is because of Our Times.  It’s the confluence of our internet obsessed culture (hello, yes, that’s me), our LOVE for hearing about people who make one jillion dollhairs and the Tech Savvy At Risk Youth (hat tip to Dan Savage).   Where’s the movie about Meg Whitman and the juggernaut rise of eBay?  Where’s the movie about Jeff Bezos and the huge megastore that is now the Amazon dot com?  Where’s Steve Jobs movie?  (ugh – surely there’s been one?)  I’m sure there are several people in those stories who were Left Behind and used and abused.  It’s just timing.  It’s not some new phenomenon.

In summary – I didn’t not enjoy the movie.  I liked it.  I did not love it.  It had nothing to do with the morality of the protagonist.  If anything, I was fascinated by his brilliance.  I like the smarties.  I like watching how weird the super smarties are! 

That is all!

Kanye West – I have no thoughts on him really.  His swagger both repulses me and compels me.  I guess we call that Mission Accomplished.  I think he is a Boy Genius for sure, quite talented.  I started to listening to “Stronger” a lot after Emily mentioned it and he is poetic with the lyrics.  But ugh what a douchebag.  I would not go so far to say I like him.  Or Mark Zuckerberg.  My tastes are more refined than that.

Now excuse me while I go watch Jersey Shore.


Dead! January 5, 2011

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Gerry Rafferty died! I love a few of his songs. Like Baker Street. And Right Down the Line. That’s a GREAT song.

Didja know he was also in Stealers Wheel? I did not! That song came on the radio once in the car with JLew (circa 1988?) and I started singing to it and she looked at me like I was crazy and who on earth knows some song about Stuck in the Middle With You? (This was pre-reservoir dogs people). Um hello…what were Marty & Bill listening to in the car the 70s? Cuz there are a few songs where it’s burned in my brain…riding in the car with my folks in the 70s. And Baker Street is one. And Stuck in the Middle. And Summer Breeze. And Diamond Girl.

Who’s with me?


Sooooo Good January 1, 2011

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Go buy, immediately. If not sooner.


Do as i say December 1, 2010

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Stop what you’re doing. Go to iTunes. Search for the song “Dog Days are Over” by Florence + The Machine.

Buy song (not the remix version).



This was the last song on Glee last night and it was so weird and so catchy I had to go look it up and see what the foxtrot it was. I am horribly ‘out of it’ when it comes to music, so I’ve never heard of this Florence, nor her Machine. It’s probably old news to you hipsters.

But that song? It’s so weird. And catchy. And I looooooove it. It makes me happy to be ALIVE! Srsly! And all this despite the fact that I stayed up WAY too late last night AND I couldn’t fall asleep for awhile, and I overslept this morning. Florence and her Machine turned my bad morning into a good one. That and the small bump of coke I did when I got up. Oh my gosh, I’m so joking. I’ve never done coke in mah life. Srsly.

Ok, that is all. Go buy that song. Now.


yummy yummy scr…. November 5, 2010

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This is my one exception to the long haired man rule.

Frog – I just listened to Black in its entirety. That is no number one choice, I yam sorry to say. Y’all are wrong. I *might* let it in the top 12. But no way it’s #1.


A few tings, including A POLL!!! November 4, 2010

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Our computair is working again and I went in and cleaned up alllllll my ‘uncategorized’ entries.  Sakes alive, I write a lot of posts!

First:  “Black” is not even in PJ’s top 20 best songs, MHar.  Sorry. 

Second:  That picture I took downtown is pretty good when I looked at it on the computair instead of my iPhone!  I had some prints to order from the Costcos so I added a big one of it to see how it looks enlarged.

Third:  I might consider “Go” by PJ in the top 10 of their best.  Maybe.

Fourth:  But “Corduroy” is #4 I do believe.  Or perhaps “Given to Fly.”  It’s close, friends, close.

Fifth:  You what this blog needs more of?  More polls!

Here’s one for y’all: