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Also from HEMA… May 14, 2014

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They have totally dope nail polishes! Next to the bungee cords. And candy.

Since I was (blissfully) holed up in my hotel room ALONE, I gave myself a mani.

I don’t know where that bruise on my hand came from, but let’s all say it togar, “OLD LADY MITTS!”


WTH Spanish coffee? November 9, 2013

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For the past two weeks after football games we’ve gone out with some teammates/friends and had lunch. It’s been COLD outside so I ordered a Spanish coffee to warm up. I’ve never had one before. People! The first one was so strong I couldn’t finish it. It tasted like it was made with moonshine or something! Then the one today was too strong as well. I had to have them top it off with more coffee AND add cream so I could even take it. And I didn’t finish it. And it was at a different restaurant!

WTH? Is Spanish coffee always so strong? It’s undrinkable! It’s made with some kind of prohibition era airplane gasoline? I feel confuse why they’re so popular.

Please advise.


Aaaaaackkkkkk November 7, 2013

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I was looking for something online and ran across this mask. GAWD! Scary!

I want it.


Saw Mimi at Ziba Salon today… October 22, 2013

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Toad Before:

Toad After:



Oh dear

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JY just rolled over and looked at me and said “PERPCERN!!”

I guess he’s reading the blog. I guess I need to stop talking about him.


For the Dave fans out there: The New Yorker October 21, 2013

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Just Deserts October 8, 2013

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WTF, people? W. T. F. ?

I just read (I’m reading, coooooon believe it) about somebody getting their “just deserts” and I freaked out that it wasn’t caught in editing and changed to “just desserts.” Then I Googled it and Just Deserts is correct!!! It’s spelled like the arid land, but pronounced like the sweet after-dinner snack.

My mind? Blown!

Also: heard from a Phil Minion. They “definitely” will be back to me by end of the day Friday. Period.