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Marie Antoinette, Pearl Jam, Foer and SNL. A potpourri. March 15, 2011

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I finished watching Marie Antoinette last night. It was goodish. Beautiful sets/costumes. But I think what I’m in need of is less about HER and more about the French Rev in particular. Although I did stick around for the credits and saw that the movie was based on a book by Antonia Fraser and that did get me curious about the book. The modern music in it…I’m not so sure about that action. Jarring to me. Although my ears did prick up when I heard a KANYE song melody playing near the end. I had to Google it and turns out it’s a 2001 song by somebody and the melody is sampled in “Blame Game” on Kanye’s latest album. That music sampling is tricky business. On one hand you have people who aren’t writing their own music. But on the other hand, you have their artistic interpretation of someone else’s basic melody into something completely new and different. And yes, I realize I’m opening myself wide for comments vis-à-vis Kanye and ARTISTIC in the same paragraph. Have at it. I can take it. I hold strongly that there are Rap & Hip Hop ARTISTS out there – doing masterfully creative stuff, even if it does rip off a bit of someone else’s gig.

What else? My boys! So cute with their Pinewood Derby wins, especially Z-man. He was SO happy last night and wanted to take his trophy to school today to show off.

ELIC – the new acronym for Extremely Loud Blah Blah. I read a bit more last night. So good, but I’m not finding it an easy read. Are you, Frog?

My cube neighbors are gone today which is a WIN in my book. I get to listen to music and not have to worry about bugging anyone. Playing right now: Pearl Jam, “Go.” Totally annoying song, not fit for neighbors. YESSSSSSSSSSSS.

Readers, when did you start learning algebra? Do you remember? I don’t, but I don’t think it was 3rd grade. B’s homework last night had some really simple algebra problems in it. I mean really simple. But the whole point is – really? In third grade?? It was this kind of fandango, what is X? (8 x X)(3 x 2) = 48


Who watched Zach Galifinakis on SNL last week? Man alive that guy is funny. His opening monologue was his regular weird stand up stuff which I love. So refreshing to see a real talent on there, versus some tool promoting their latest shitty movie.

Opinions? I have ‘em.

I think that’s all for this lunchtime update. You are welcome, readers, you are so welcome.


Mexican Dim Sum and Marley February 14, 2011

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It has been written on this blog before that Que Pasa Cantina is a great place to eat.  I’ll say it again.  Tonight Gina was headed for Don Pedro’s when we remembered that we haven’t been to QP in quite a while.  The food was fabulous (I had the fish tacos- EYYUUUUUUUMMMMM).  We sat in the back room which was made for a 2 year old.  There, Hattie invented Mexican Dim Sum.  We took the four small benches and made a corral and put our food around it, including a side of avacado and bean dip and chips.  Hattie stood in the center and grazed on the different plates.  She didn’t have to sit, she stayed in motion and ate off of different plates; it was her perfect meal.  The meal would have been perfect if I didn’t spill my limeade.  Charla and the girls came in and visited for a bit.  Hattie was enthralled by the two beautiful big girls who looked so much like one another.   It was good times.  We need to get there more often.

We went back to visit the turkey again today.  I wasn’t sure we would escape unscathed yesterday.  Did you see the picture I sent to the blog?  That turkey is HUGE.  Hattie gets on these jags where she learns what something is, masters the word and then insists on seeking it out- a lot.  Last week it was ballet.  That is the cutest word when it rolls off her tongue.  This week it’s coop, as in chicken.  We found one in back of a house by the little store and she has insisted on visiting it daily for the past 5 days.  But for the past 4, the chickens have been hiding out in the coop, very hard to see from her vantage point.  So yesterday I promised her the granddaddy of coops and made her walk to Hawthorne (east Tabor, that is) in her rainboots.  There is a huge coop on the side of a house, somewhere around 77th.  It has many chickens and 2 turkeys, most of which can often be seen roaming the front yard.  We had Leonard and Bailey on that walk yesterday.  The turkey seemed to wish death upon us what with it’s verbalizations and herding us clear across the street.  He didn’t even stop when we were clearly walking away, 1/2 a block away.  I turned back to see him in the middle of the street, the neighbor’s Camry skillfully avoiding him as it pulled into the driveway.  She had clearly done that a few times.  This is the stuff great neighborhoods are made of, eh?  So, today we went back, but with Tito this time.  Just in case we needed any protection (no offense to Bailey and Leonard, but those two big talkers had nothing to say to Tom’s face).  But, today both turkeys were in the coop.  (Coop!)  The lady of the house came home while we were there and told us that the turkey of fear’s name is Marley and that he “likes people.”  That was reassuring.  We must have stayed there a good 20 minutes today, despite the fact that Marley was imprisoned.  I’m so glad my girl likes walks.

Toad, let’s talk Episodes.  Wasn’t this last one great?  It is good stuff.  I hope it continues like this.  I’m starting to really look forward to it each week.  Also, I watched my first Idiot Abroad.  It was the Mexican one- hilar!  Have you see that one?  There is something so likeable about Karl, no?  Like you just want to put him in your pocket to keep you company during the quiet times.  I loved the crazy crap they had him do there, namely the Easter day celebration with fireworks.  Having spent a good amount of time in Mexico myself, I was thrilled to see some of the more confounding practices depicted and commented on by Karl.  It reminded me of arriving at the home of one of my host families around Christmas time to find what was probably a full cubic yard of DIRT in the living room, heaped on the floor.  The host mom had taken care to place it on a tarp and was sculpting it into an elaborate nativity scene.  I could smell the earth from the second I opened the front door.  Then there was the bizarre Christmas tradition of walking through the streets, chanting while the smallest of children were practically set afire by holding what was basically a birthday candle encased in tissue paper and stuck on a piece of kindling, used as a torch.  These types of events are so fun when you don’t know what in the FOXTROTS is going on.  Eventually we came upon a church, the people in the front of our mob knocked on the door over and over until the doors opened and there was a huge feast for all inside.  Weird, just weird.  But maybe not as weird as the paper mache/firework extravaganza that Karl witnessed.  I can’t wait to watch more of this show, but I’m waiting for Gina.  I think she’ll like them.  Karl reminds me of Gina a bit.

I guess that’s it for now.  Tell Zachy to get well soon.



Portlandia January 28, 2011

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I just watched the second episode and have a few things to comment on:

1. Put a bird on it?  Have they been secretly spying on our blady activities?  I think maybe.  BTW, there is a brand new store (right by Pastrygirl where I got those Crisco cookies) that is called Bird somethingorother and has tons of birdy stuff in it.  So cute.

b. Toad predicted earlier today that an angry, self-righteous bike rider would have to surface.  DingDingDing!  How did we not predict the stretched ear lobes? FYI sidenote: I just spell checked this post and apparently you can choose from earlobe, one word, or ear lobes plural and two words.  Who knew?  Earlobes not allowed.

3. Sam Adams cameo- actually funny.

d. Who did not get creeped out by the VOICE in the cacao skit?

5. The one that hit home the most for me was the couple who was overly concerned about the dog who was hitched to a post.  Was that not me?

I fear that this show will go down in flames because it may only be funny to people who live or have lived here.  It’s very funny in that respect, but I don’t see this holding it’s own in any Portland-ignorant audience.  There is a lot of not-funny stuff and I don’t think I’m a fan of the actors.  Still I will count the days until the next episode.  Maybe they will take on the homeless youngsters with pitbulls.  They mentioned beer in passing, but there has to be a solid skit around beer freaks, right?  What about Portland’s tendency to shut down the entire town in order to have a race for the cure, or some other cause.  What about a group of uber-nerdy dragonboat paddlers?  I can’t imagine that the dog skit I just saw will be the last of the dog skits, either.  When will they have an entire skit that takes place in the car while the actors look for a place to park in Northwest?  Isn’t it fun to imagine the most pretentious audience at cinema 21 in this show?    What about getting lost in Ladd’s Addition and just taking up residence in one of the rose gardens?  Maybe they will go to the dark side and liken the Max stops in Gresham to downtown Fallujah.  But I’m guessing that going to Gresham would be the last nail in this show’s coffin.  More next week…


One Book, Three TV Shows and a Cricut Cartridge January 27, 2011

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Toad, we have to talk about the Imperfectionists.  Maybe I should finish the last 15%.  I have never been so baffled by a popular book!  This is definitely one of those “Frog secretly has a very low IQ (and scorchingly low self-esteem)” moments.  I just don’t get it.  But you have a way of getting me to look at things differently which may compel me to finish this flat piece of desert.

Yes, Portlandia.  I’m surprised you watched!  Firstly, I did not know that was a Sleater Kinney lady.  I’m guessing she’s not the one that just released a new album and I’m pretty sure it’s not Sheila’s old neighbor.  Janet was her name and it seems like maybe she moved out of town.  Sheila, what say you?  Katester?  I saw Janet out at the delta several times after they moved from the house, but haven’t seen her in over a year now.  Maybe that’s why I think she moved.  Like myself, she was a regular at the delta.  I didn’t know what to expect with this show- I just knew that it was a show about Portland, set in Portland.  Well, it was a little annoying for sure, but it was pretty funny too.  I learned that Portland truly is weird.  I guess I had not really thought about it before.  There were some points that rang so true.  Of course you may remember me mentioning the Music Together staff drinking urine colored liquid out of mason jars at parent’s night.  Well, I just figured that this kind of stuff is about the person more than the place they live in.  When they showed one of the characters drinking what they described as looking like “a stillbirth” and tasting like “hot water and soot” out of, you guessed it, a mason jar.  The assertion is that this is more of a Portland thing.  Perhaps they don’t drink soot out of jars in Indiana.  Who knew?  Not this Portlander.  My dvr is set to record, so we can discuss each week.  What was the deal with the Aliki skit, btw???

Forget Portlandia, why aren’t we talking about Lights Out?  If you aren’t watching this Toad, you need to start.  They just had the 3rd episode.  You can probably catch up easily.  After all, what else does FX have to air?  This is something that you and the FP will love.  Word.  If you choose to be stubborn on this one, I will have to break up with you.  Is anyone else out there watching this?  It’s a bit stressful, but so good.

Let’s all take a moment to reflect on what a good show Modern Family is.  I was thrilled to see that even though last night’s episode was not new, it was the flash mob one.  Let me repeat my favorite line “You know that kid Liam who goes to school in pajama pants and pays for things with 100 dollar bills… Two fun parents, mark my words.”  The flash mob scene itself is a perfect example of why this is such a good show.  God, it’s such a good show!

I have officially switched my hobby from making things with the Cricut to collecting the cartidges.  Time to get busy.  I got a super cute one called B is for Boy, it’s a Cricut Lite and has less options, but the ones that it has are all super cute.  Toad, any word from Create a Critter?

That’s it for now.  I will try to get some pics for your entertainment later.


Come and Drink My Kool Aid January 20, 2011

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Title is unrelated to blog, but it’s a good title, no?

First things first: YES to Steal Away and what about Turn to Stone?  What about You Can’t Change That?  Did Toad explain to retreat non-attendees that we are working on a list of the best 70’s songs?  Are you writing this down, Toad?

Second things second: let”s revisit Me Turning It Up to Eleven ladies:

Retreat attendees were vigilant about their oo’s and ah’s with my attempts at using the Cricut.  Thankyouverymuch ladies.  I’m determined to keep at it.  I think I may have a system down that allows me to work in the 900.  It involves Gina being very patient with boxes and piles of paper being where they don’t belong.  I have created two more gift bag styles:

I’m on a roll, ladies.

Now for Hattie’s closet:

It’s hard to get a feel for this outfit from the picture.  I found this number on clearance at Fletchers in Eugene.  We were spzd to be shopping for Jobie, but clearly this outfit is much too big for him and really not his color, anyway.  That’s a zipper up the middle of the dress.  It’s a little hoochie-mama for this household, but we are nothing if not flexible, right?  The shoes, you ask?  They are some of those snappy sketchers that light up with every step.  They are- wait for it- purple and black, just like the hoochie-mama outfit.  The classy sweater makes this less hoochie.  I really need to get back on the Hattie’s Closet stick.  I feel like her outfits go to waste when they are not posted.  You are important my friends.  Your feelings of disgust and embarrassment keep me going!

In other news: Jobie came home on Tuesday!  He’s doing very well.  I mentioned being excited about coming to see him and introducing him to Hattie only for Quinn to shoot me down with a “I’m really paranoid about kids who go to daycare being around him.”  *Sniff* she’s right, I guess *sniff*.

Toad, don’t go buying Create A Critter from Amazon.  It is on it’s way to your house as I write.  Early Bday.  I may preserve the heart with wings card for your bday.  Since it makes your brain hum and all.

This weekend Gina and I are attending our second go-round of training at Boys and Girls Aid, for our second go-round.  I am dragging her to it.  I have boiled this down to just telling her “trust me on this one.”  In addition to dreading the work of Two, she hates the thought of our soon-to-be-renovated garage will be used as a bedroom for us and not as a second living space.  Ah, well.

Ok, here’s something- who knew that Big Love started again?  I did not know!  Gina told me this yesterday and I would have bet my life that it was her being completely out of touch with tv reality, thinking that a re-run was a new one.  But no!  The last season has begun.  I watched about 1/2 of the first episode last night before I had to retire.  It was good.  Had a different feel to it.

I’ll be back later with more gift bags and cards.


Parks & Recreation December 30, 2010

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I finally got on the Parks and Rec bandwagon.

Um, does anyone else feel like you’re in US history at SHS when this guy is on? And hello, he’s younger than me IRL. CRIKEY.


Pillows and Toothbrushes November 30, 2010

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Lunchtime. I missed a lunchtime post yesterday due to having nothing to say. I know I say that a lot, but write anyway, but yesterday it was SO bad, I just deleted it and figured you all could live w/out one post from me. Trust me – it was bad.

I’ve had two cups of coffee and I’m feeling better. I woke up with a massive headache today and it got me started on the wrong foot. See previous entry re: widgets. PSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

I think it was a self-fulfilling prophecy…I didn’t have my pillow last night and I laid there huffing and puffing about it and just “knew” I wouldn’t sleep well. J had my pillow and was fast asleep. And I hate his pillow. I am vair vair particular about our pillows. I’m happy to share a toothbrush, but I cannot deal with his pillow. It’s an inherited thing. My family takes their own pillows when we go places, even my grandparents. My grandma’s pillow is like a cotton ball (one) in a sack, but it’s HER pillow and it’s what she likes. I’m the same way. Usually I catch it when I have J’s pillow and I make him switch and he gets vair vair annoyed with me. But last night he was conked out before I realized it and I could not deal with waking him up to switch. So I suffered succotash and woke up tired and with a bad headache. See how important my own pillow is?

Oh, that reminds me – who’s going to share a toothbrush with me at the Annual Retreat? MHar?

While I was laying there stewing in my juices vis-à-vis the pillow sitcheeation, I was thinking about Le Blog and thinking about the Annual Retreat and guess what – we started Le Blog on 1/14/10….and our first Annual Retreat starts 1/14/11. How’s that for weird?? I’m going to get Frog on that lottery ticket idear today – I’m feeling like our stars are aligning.

Tonight the CotC have book club at the liberry and I’m going to take my felt and my floss and needle and scissors and try to make one of those little martryoshka thingies. I’m thinking about making three in varying sizes to take to an ornament exchange I’m going to in a few weeks. A set of three, like little nesting dolls? Bueno, muy muy bueno. In the same colors, but slightly different? Mama like, mama like.

After that, J has poker tonight so I’m Home Alone with the CotC and Glee is on (isn’t it?) so I will get to watch by myself. Ahh, heavenly. I do love me some Glee. I also love those CotC and their little reading habits. B. requested a book last night – something about Origami Yoda (?) and I put it on hold at the liberry immediately. Z is turning into an amazing reader and while he says he doesn’t like reading (WHAT?), he sure does lots of it. It might be that me backhanding him whenever he says he doesn’t like reading has made an impression. Oh just KIDDING, hippies! RE-lax!

I think that’s it for now. Thanks for reading and tune in Wednesday for PowerBalls results. Me, Frog, MHar and JLew will try not to gloat too much when we win big, suckas.