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What up ? January 28, 2016

Filed under: Uncategorized — frogandtoadtogether @ 2:29 pm

I finalllllllly got all my signed contract crap back from one major coffee company (tasters choice) (not really) so I went to mail it with the label they provided. I happened to inquire about the insurance on the package, because if this didn’t make it up there for some reason I wouldn’t get my money from Folgers. It was insured for about 10% of the value so I paid to ship it up myself with the full insurance. Because I want that check, can you dig it? Paranoid? Maybe. Careful? Yes!

I also had to buy some stamps while I was there because I can’t resist a pretty postage stamps. I have a thing for postage stamps, I love them very much.

So now I just have to sit here and wait until the fall probably, to find out what they’re going to do, if anything, with my cup.


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