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Punkin contest October 29, 2015

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So…the winning pumpkin in the contest at work was…a sugar skull painted pumpkin. Hmm, who else has painted a SSP this year? ME!

Here’s mine, a two sided fandango. The faces are slightly different. I think you’ll all believe me when I say mine is dandruff shampoo (head & shoulders) above the MegaCorp winner in terms of overall purty-ness. Oh well. I gave mine to a friend as a hostess gift. She’s the real winner in all this. JK JK.

For a Payroll gal, the winning pumpkin was a pretty good effort. Payroll folks aren’t generally known for their artsy flair…or their winning personalities. Or beating human hearts. HEY, I AM JOKING! We have some RUL NICE Payroll folk at MegaCorp. I just have baggage from early in my career when I worked with some Payroll folk who may or may not have originated from Satan’s nutsack. HEY! JOKING! Calm down people!


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