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Legit October 28, 2015

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Top coat of power, readers. I had some chippage so I put a new color (Petrol, by Butter) on top of my latest taupe (Berlin There Done That) and then a coat of this clear and it looks like a new mani. Petrol is an iridescent that looks purple in one light and green if you tilt your hand. Like gasoline in water. HENCE THE NAME, DUMMIES.

So go buy some Out the Door top coat. I got mine at the Sally Beauty Supply. I go to the one by Safeway in King City which is TRES convenient but unfortunately a Shit Hole. It just doesn’t seem clean to me. But I yam a busy Woman of the Corn and must run errands efficiently. These naps at home are not going to take themselves, people! And Fargo season two is not going to watch itself.

In other news, I’ve launched a social media campaign via Facebook to raise awareness for the scourge of space heaters in the workplace. I’m workshopping a weeks worth of status updates to bring to light the new enhanced interrogation technique of sweating out your coworkers.

All the older gals in the office are feeling my pain. All the young gals are saying, “I’m like, SUH COLD. It’s like, am I in the movie Frozen? I’m all, ‘turn that heater up, you guys!’ It’s like only 85 degrees in here, and I’m wearing summer shoes to show off my new toe ring my mom got me on her cruise to Acapulco and my toes are FUH-REEZING!! My parents do NOT pay my car payment so I can drive here to FREEZE TO DEATH EVERY DAY!!! I’m going to start a social media campaign on Insta to raise awareness for my cause! Not Facebook because that’s for like, senior citizens. Hashtag WHATEVER!”


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