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Insane Ranting October 8, 2015

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So, I have a new gal working for me, the low talker. Another thing about her is that she’s one who’s always cold. You know the kind, basically the scourge of humanity? Hahahahaha.

So she has a heater at her desk blowing full speed to keep her feet warm and basically making me 110% LES MIZ, and this is what she wears for shoes.

I can’t even.

Luckily the gal who sat on the other side of me moved cubes, because she was also always freezing to death and had another heater running as well. So now at least I’m only going to snap and harm one person someday!

As long time readers know, I’m old as shit (45) and I wonder if The Change of Life is nearing. I was out to lunch with friends Saturday and had what I think was perhaps my first hot flash. I don’t really know, but basically it felt like….my soul was on fire? Or I was burning alive from the inside out? My head started sweating and I felt like the only thing that would help would be full submersion in an ice bath. Or the barrel of a gun in my mouth. In other words, it was not pleasant. And it made me feel a little….grumpy?

I’m waiting for that to happen at work with low-talker and her bare feet and heater blasting hot enough to do glass blowing. Maybe I should move my desk. OR MAYBE SHE SHOULD WEAR APPROPRIATE FOOTWEAR.


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