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Hey Dicks September 1, 2015

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I’m alive. Just super busy. Work is kicking my butt. Actually, it’s kicking my butthole. That’s when you know it’s SRS BZNSS, when the butthole gets involved.

(You know, that’s just good solid life advice right there.)
(I’m like the Dalai Lama of Tigard with my wisdom.)
(Lucky you, my wisdom is free!)

I have a new gal reporting to me at work. It’s both a trial AND a tribulation. She’s a low talker and I have to say “WHAT?!” every time she mumbles at me (trial). Next thing you know I will have promised to wear a gottdamned puffy shirt on the Today show (tribulation).

What else? I think I got kicked out of my book group. I had a faux pas involving a party, some vomit, and general tomfoolery and lo, I have heard neither hide nor hair from them. I also am really lazy about reading lately, because I work all the live long day (not on the railroad tho) and I’ve only read 20 books in 2015. So I’m out of “what’s cool” in book talk so perhaps they sense that (along with the aforementioned vomiting incident), hence the lack of hide and/or hair.

What else? I played matchmaker with two friends and they have hit it off. It’s vair fun to watch. Except when they allude to doin it, and I do NOT want to hear about that, can I get A WITNESS?!?

I’ve still been crafty/doodley/creative. Here’s some pitchers for you to look at. I just noticed they have a theme, oddly. A theme that ties to this post. If you can name it, I will send you a SURPRISE SURMISE. (If that is not in the dictionary, I do not know what to tell you.) Figure out the Lingua Franca up in here, or move along. I cannot do everything.

(Have you ever noticed when I haven’t blogged for awhile my first post back to it is usually 99.9% ridiculous?) (The other 0.1% is “nasty talk” as my grandma would say.) (I do not have an explanation for this, except perhaps that it builds up and has gotta blow at some point.)

Leave a comment, assholes!


3 Responses to “Hey Dicks”

  1. That blue mandala is uglor.

  2. harrismr1 Says:

    I am not an asshole (today anyway) but I am commenting to say. Yay! Love your blog posts!

  3. Emily Says:

    Well, I didn’t even know about the vomiting so I must be even more out of the book group…

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