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Herrro July 29, 2015

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I had a hair appt yesterday after work. I was finishing up around 8:30 and a friend texted and said “Hey dick. What are you doing?”

Long story short, we ended up going out…on a Tuesday night. Mama don’t do that. I only had one cider but was so exhausted (MY JOB!!!) I woke up this morning fully dressed with my big earrings still in. I just had to put on shoes and I was out the door for another day at MegaCorp. JK! I changed my clothes.

I went with short bangs again. I need new glasses now. My eyes are getting worse with age and it’s time for a new Rx. And I want some funky/hipster glasses. Funky glasses, short bangs and lipstick will take a few years off, right??? Then I’ll add those years back on by going out in a Tuesday night and be back at 45. Lord. What a tangled web we weave. When at first WE ARE OLD.


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