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Mama’s Grumpy July 18, 2015

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It’s 12:30 and I’m glued to the couch. It’s a big work weekend and I worked until about 8 last night. Then had to get up for a conference call at 1am. Then back to bed and up again for a 4:30 am conf call. Now I have another one at 1pm and I feel absolutely wiped out. I hope I don’t have to think here in 25 minutes. I’m not a good thinker with sleep in fits and starts.

And it’s approx 200 degrees in portland today and I also have cranky issues in the heat.

On the bright side, because let’s QUIT WITH THE BITCHING, I don’t have to work tomorrow. I can have the sabbath to rest. Is Sunday the sabbath? Or is it Saturday? Or is it Friday at sundown? I get so confuse! I do know yesterday was Eid, the end of Ramadan. One of the dearest and most fave people I work with is Muslim and she took the day off for Eid and sent me pictures of her and her daughter in their fancy Eid outfits her mom sent from Pakistan. They were BEAUTIFUL. Ramadan is a trip and a half. A month of no eating during daylight. AND NO DRINKING. ANYTHING. And Pakistan had a terrible heatwave so something like hundreds died. My friend’s mom was in Karachi and said that people are just letting the dead bodies lie in the streets because the families can’t afford to bury them. So they leave them unclaimed to decompose in the 300 degree heat (aren’t they on Celsius over there?) (it’s fucking hot is all I know). I’m no doctor but I know not drinking water for 16-18 hours in the extreme heat IS A BAD DEAL. My friend’s family is upper middle class which means they have a house full of servants who do EVERYTHING. Some
may call them borderline slaves, but since they make two cents per week (give or take), it’s not slavery?? Anyway, I wanted to know HOW DO THE SLAVES WORK DURING RAMADAN WHEN ITS HOTTER THAN THE SUN AND THEY CANT HAVE A SIP OF WATER????

And suddenly, me sitting in my AC house having to SUFFER through a day of jaggedy sleep is NO. BIG. DEAL.

Perspective, amirite?


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