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Cards July 9, 2015

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I got the second batch of cards printed. The quality is nice. Better than Kinko-Donkey.

The size is odd – about the size of an index card. I used one as a tag on a gift bag today (bottle of vodka for a co-worker) and it was cuuuuuuute. Someone walked by my desk and commented on how cute the bag and tag looked, so there’s that.

Anyone want some? Leave a comment if so and I’ll put a few in the mail. First two commenters win. Is that too ambitious? Should I just hope at least one person wants some? CRIKEY. Putting your stuff “out there” is hard.


4 Responses to “Cards”

  1. Emily Says:

    I’ll trade you some for Descent, next time I see you!

  2. Dixie Amos Says:

    Could I buy some of your cards?

  3. Kristi Says:

    I would love to buy some! Super, super cute!!

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