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Funny July 7, 2015

Filed under: Uncategorized — frogandtoadtogether @ 5:10 pm

Long time no blog. I’m only dropping in to say hey and show a pic. I took some of my doodles to Kinkos and had them scanned and printed to see if I could make cards from them. They didn’t turn out as vibrant as if hoped. Back to the literal and figurative drawing board I go.

Also: I had my performance review at work today and while my written communication is top-notch and my verbal is good, my visual communication (slides that convey information in meetings/presentations) could use some improvement. Which is fair – I get it. But I find it funny that my creative skills are lacking…or the way that I present data at work is lacking. Too much reliance on logic, too methodical, not enough focus on messaging/format, or some such. This? Irony-ish.

I need to translate some creative energy into boring PowerPoint slides? FML.


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