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Hey Readers, Free Advice! May 29, 2015

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Hello Readers!

I’m here with some FREE make up advice. If any of you are prostitutes…or pre-teens wanting to look like insta-hoor, or perhaps a drag queen inspired by Tammy Faye Bakker (sp?), you need to get this mascara!

I am a fan of the regular Loreal Manga mascara and when I saw this ROCK version, well let’s just say it was a “well sign me up MF” moment. Explosive volume? Rebellious spikes? YASSS.

In about two swipes you get so much mascara on your lashes you look like it’s about 10 coats. There is some clumping but I wouldn’t call it rebellious. It’s more “I’m a dumb teenager” or “I have to tuck my peen before I go on stage in my glitter dress.”

And I love it.


One Response to “Hey Readers, Free Advice!”

  1. Sue Says:

    You have gotta post a picture. Does this Mascara contain Bat poop ? Brought some volumash shit last year and my eyes where so freaking swollen. Now vary careful on Mascara but always looking to make my shitty pathetic eye lashes look amazeballs.

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