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Frog and Toad are Weird May 28, 2015

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We do this thing where we text each other pictures at random times. The more heinous and unflattering the picture, the better. There’s usually an exaggerated double chin involved…I’d say 77-89% of the time. I just fired this one off to her. Look at my eye. Isn’t that gross? I woke up with that on Monday, I think. I’ve only ever had it one other time – from Extreme Dry Heaves post-surgery. I haven’t been dry-heaving though. So I don’t know what it’s from. So gross. But this is looking better.

Here’s the pic she got Monday.

Since I sometimes moonlight as a doctor, (I’m not an MD per se, but I am a WebMD) I was able to diagnose this as a subconjunctival hemorrhage – completely benign. Just have to wait for the blood to be re-absorbed.

If you ever need some opthomologizing, shoot me a text. We can work out the co-pay issue via PayPal.

I also do some side oncologizing. And I occasionally dabble in some side pharmacizing. Somebody tell Obummer we don’t need any health care. I’m on the case!!


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