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More Marlon Rando May 23, 2015

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Queen Bey. Just because.

A Rando LOLZ from the Internets.

Snuggles last week with my pore chitlin, Z. He had a headache and I had him lean on me with a cool pack on his noggin. Poor monkey.

Last doodle. Did I already show this? Shit. I coon remember.

Speaking of remembering, I watched Still Alice yesterday on the dvd. Rented it with a work friend. Lawsy Mercy. I’m documenting it here, if I get the Alzheimer’s, I want to be euthanized as soon as I don’t recognize my kids. I’m going to start hoarding drugs now so I can just go night-night with a shred of dignity. I told my work friend, so it’s legally binding because she’s an attorney, right?! I told her it’s my time to go when I poop my pants. BUT NOT PEE MY PANTS, because I did that a few weekends ago when I got too wasted and was THROWING UP VIOLENTLY AND PEED AT THE SAME TIME. I ain’t ready to go yet, so we gotta make the poo-pants the cut-off line.

Alzheimer’s sucks a big D.


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