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Long time, no post May 23, 2015

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I haven’t posted much, since I last saw our Commander in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama. There are a few reasons for that but mostly: 1) I have nothing to say and b) my job kicks my ASS on the regular and I’m plumb wore down. There’s too much to recap, so allow me to show you my recent crafty endeavors.

This is scratchboard, where you use a fine metal point to scratch away the black to make pictures. I like this a lot.

One of my friends at work requested it, but I couldn’t part with it yet, so I made her a mini one and gave it to her in a frame.

These are birch trees, because birch trees are the new black. Washi tape trees, watercolor background and then draw on the bark.

These are random doodles in mini-frames. I think it’s gouache.


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