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Impressive May 23, 2015

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I ordered a new custom coffee table with the following guidelines:

A cool piece of wood. Check.
Uneven, natural edges. Check.

Here it is in progress with wood inlays to protect the natural cracks in the wood (walnut). I received progress pictures with questions along the way, asking for my preference. Besides the dimensions and general vibe, I left it up to the designer/craftsman and said “artist’s choice.”

And here’s the final product. Minimalist look, 1960’s-ish, completely unique and custom piece. I will treasure it. And fucking kill anyone who uses it without a coaster. You’re on notice, world.

Best of all, the craftsman is MY BROTHER, who has recently taken up this new hobby and is already making some awesome stuff. Already! I’m amazed and VAIIIIR LUCKY to get a such a gorgey custom piece.

(My brother is reader Sauly’s shack-up life-partner. I call her his Lesbian Life Partner, but he’s a boy/man.) Lucky Sauls to be living with a woodworking wunderkind. And to get me as a Sister-in-CLAW (Common Law), amirite?!


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