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I dream a dream… April 29, 2015

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…wherein I can eat goat cheese with fig butter all day long.

I recently bought a log of the chevre and a jar of fig butter at Trader Joe’s and LORD ABOVE, it was delicious.

Are you having a party? Get thee to the TJ’s. I also had a bomb dot com cheese from iCount, but I cannot remember the name, nor could I find it at the store so it will remain a mystery, unless she can be bothered to text me the name of the cheese. HINT.

I went to Fred G. Meyer’s today at lunch and asked the Cheese Lady for it with my sophisticated cheese skills/knowledge (“Um, it was white-ish. With a rind. And soft-ish. And strong-ish. And super yum.”) She was not able to help me. SOME CHEESE LADY!

What else? Nothing! I’m going to hang out with my 11 year old tonight and talk book reports. And paint my fingernails. STAY TUNED FOR PICTURES.


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