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Day 41-Delice de Bourgogne | My Blog of Cheese April 29, 2015

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This is the cheese I described to the CheeseWallah at Fred’s. And guess what, this cheese blogger gets it right. I was trying to explain that it was like a Brie but tasted moldy. The CheeseWallah said “moldy??!” and I essplained I meant Blue-cheese-ish. Durrrrr.

Anyways, look for the Delice for your next elegant soirée. And I read in other places that it pairs well with CHAMPAGNE. I’m all over that next time I have a binge-no-purge day.

Random side note: if you’re a parent, don’t raise an asshole, please. I just brought Popsicles to lacrosse practice and told J that I knew who would complain about the flavor. And GUESS WHAT?! HE DID. How about “thank you?” How about “Wow. Thanks coach!” How about “Thanks Mrs Coach for buying those at lunch and carting them to work and wrangling the work freezer then wrangling the home freezer then denting your manicure getting them into the cooler then hauling them across town to the GD practice field only to be assaulted by 7/8 grade boy B.O.”

How about that?

(After this rant a few of the animals did say Thank You. So there are some good kids out there.)

(But no one thanked me for having to tolerate their BO.)

(And my poor kids always get a lecture after things like this. “Say thank you. Don’t ask to swap flavors. Don’t beg for seconds. Don’t be a prick.”)

(Just kidding. I don’t say prick to my chirrens. But I do tell them to HAVE GOOD MANNERS. AND BE APPRECIATIVE. And wash their pits.)


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