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Herrrrro Dere April 9, 2015

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I started another sketchbook class – this one is online, taught by a Dutch woman who lives in Amsterdam. I can’t wait to go and post some sketches of the city and have her not be able to recognize them!!

The thing I’m learning is that practice is KEY. Drawing something every day helps. So yesterday I drew some stuff from my desk. Today I’ve decided to draw every single thing I eat. This serves two purposes: a) lots of drawing and 2) makes me rethink if I really want to stuff that in my gob-hole, if it’s really worth the effort it will take to draw it.

So far, here’s a pic of what I’ve eaten, next to something I haven’t eaten because I don’t want to draw it. A coworker gave me the Swedish Fish, which normally I’d gobble like a dog swallowing a dog treat whole.

I think I’m on to a revolutionary new weight loss plan! I’ll call it “Hey Fattie: You Eat It, You Draw it.” I’ll make an online community where people have to post their daily pictures. And then the other members mock their consumption and/or poor/great drawing skills.

Don’t judge me for going to McDonald’s. That oatmeal is delish and medium nutrish and a nice treat on the mornings I have to drive Z to school. Otherwise it’s Costco Greek yogurt and SOMETIMES A LADY LIKES SOME VARIETY.

Normally I’d have eaten a protein bar by now, but shiiiiiiiit I don’t want to draw that package. See? Revolutionary!!


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