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Frog Here April 7, 2015

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Toad wants me to tell you all about our latest text exchange.  She’s just so quick to get irritated with poor Frog.  So quick.  I was reaching out to her for help on logging on to the blog.  Reaching out.  You see, after a long hiatus, my computer has been returned to me.  I raced to log on only to find that things looked all strangey and unfamiliar.  I needed help and I turned to my best friend of 34.5 years.  I anticipated that she would feel a great deal of irritation at my lack of tech savvy.  Though she was reserved in her response- even helpful, I could feel a heat in her texts.  She can’t hide it when I’m sitting across from her.  But via text, I can just feel it.  There is a heat.  A silence.  A suspenseful pause while I watch three gray dots in the place her responses will be, while I wait to see if she’s going to break up with me for good.  Over what I will call my LOTS (loss of tech savvy).  /*****side note*: we will use the term LOTS to include other behaviors that you find irritating :*end side note******  Tonight she has shown me mercy, didn’t screen my text, and helped me troubleshoot to bring me back here.

Thanks Toad.

ooooooo the heat


One Response to “Frog Here”

  1. Linda Gates Says:

    I’m glad you’re back.
    Mom Frog

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