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BIG NEWS!!! April 2, 2015

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Lookie these new sour patch kids! Individually wrapped (because the environment) and BIG. It’s a real taste treat, folks. A real taste treat.

Sally Hansen gel polish going strong! Here’s my thing about nail polish…when it lasts well I find that I get sick of the color. So really…..maybe chipping isn’t so bad because I like to change it up anyway. You feel me?

More good news! I get to go to Europe soon. I’m super popular with our Europe folks (sarcasm) but I don’t care. I was just looking at my HEMA nail polish remover and was woe-ing that I’m almost out. Now I can go to HEMA and get some more. HEMA I love you. We’ll be together again soon!

I need to figger out the dates and try to have an extra day in there to go to The Hague. Who knows when I’ll be going back. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy for Europe!


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