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More nail action March 30, 2015

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Hey readers. I’ve got another nail test going with an anonymous reader. Pretend you can’t see her name in the screen shot below.

Anonymous, we’ll just call her Kare-Bear for short, is testing out some new polish from Revlon, their version of the at-home gel fandango – Gel Envy.

Here’s Day One shots. Pretty color, beautiful nails. Mine are short man-nails. The Bear has nice long nail beds. And a counter top that is nearly identical to mine…and fancy-ass reading taste I guess! (All my book club friends (The Bear is one) are in multiple book clubs and are generally fancier than moi. I am just a simple gal, from the coast of Oregon. A hillbilly, some may say.). (Actually though, The Bear is from the bright lights, big city of Rainier or Clatskanie, I think. So pot, kettle: HERRRRRO!

Anyhoo, stay tuned for more nail updates from The Bear vis a vis the Revlon. How can she top The Goldfinch as a backdrop?? Maybe her class picture from grade school in Dog Patch, with all three students? Jethro, The Bear, and the kid with ring worm, what was his name again?

Hey!! Relax a-holes. I’m joking around!


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