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Product review March 29, 2015

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My good friend KB told me about this Sally Hansen gel fandango awhile ago. She said “it lasts!” Then another old friend from high school told me “it lasts!” so I finally got around to trying it. I saw mHar last night and she had a dope-ass brown/wine/black color on and since I’m incapable of having an original thought in my brain, I picked up this color called “Wine Stock.”

Basically you put on two coats of the color then their gel topcoat. They react magically and create an indestructible finish. ALLEGEDLY. AND ALSO SUPPOSEBLY. I will keep you updated on the wear and tear. ALERT THE MEDIA. My first impression is “wow! Shiny/glossy like the salon!”

What else? Oh, I have a cocktail recommendation. Google “hot monkey vodka recipes” and try the punch that’s at the top. Soooooo good. The Hot Monkey vodka is delicious and the punch is sweet and hot and honestly: best new cocktail of 2015. Unfortunately made with sugary mixers like pineapple juice and limeade so it’s not for every day drinking. But if you need something for a party – get on it! Super yum.

Ok, I must retire to the couch with my book now. See above: hot monkey punch. I’m a lil tired today.


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