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Lasht clash March 24, 2015

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I had my last class tonight. She made us draw our hands. I did not love it, so I’m jazzing it up. The repetitive and tiny pattern drawing really FLOATS MY BOAT.

We also learned how to repair pages that we hate, using collage stuff to cover over the offending abomination. It’s all about the glue you use with paper-on-paper! PVA glue is the shit, people. Now I want to take her collage class!

For the last class we had a little party. We all brought a snack and then had show and tell with our fave pages…and our least fave pages. It was a grand old time. Nice people! It’s a tiny studio (converted garage) so there’s only room for eight students. And it’s crowded. But you get to know your classmates and watch everyone progress. Good, good fun. Very supportive environment for the art-phobics like moi.

I signed up for a class in May and I told her I’m going to try to fill my sketch book and bring it in to show her. So here’s to keeping up the hobby!

I like learning new things. And trying something medium-skeery.


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