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Next! February 22, 2015

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I needed something lite, but this is a library book that I have only for a short time. And it’s non-renewable. AND I think it’s in the Tournament of Books so there you go.

It’s a fictionalization of Margaret Mead’s life and her work in New Guinea. I had to google where New Guinea is on the globe and I have only the tiniest inkling of who MM is/was. Anthropologist? She started the stores? She’s like a retail icon? I’ll find out and let you know.

After this though, I’m reading something lite and stupie.

Tomorrow night is the second night of my “art” class. I’m excited.

I think that’s all the good news around here. Now that my phone camera is on the fritz, life is a struggle. A real struggle, I say. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.


One Response to “Next!”

  1. Emily Says:

    It’s not ToB, you can abandon it if now isn’t the right time!

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