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And lo, I didn’t need that too February 4, 2015

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Today I took one of the COTC to school early so he could do a few things he needed to do. He’s struggling with a certain subject and is having mucho drama about it. It’s self inflicted drama, of which I know a thing or two about, AHEM.

I was trying to talk him through it and gave an example of a struggle I’m having right now with work. I said I was texting with a wise friend yesterday who gave me the advice “ask for help” and “you can do it.” I said those simple words REALLY helped me yesterday and they’re SO TRUE. Asking for help is an important life skill. I told the COTC that I do almost nothing on my own…that Dad and I partner up on almost everything and that there are times that we don’t know what we’re doing and then WE ask for help together, in parenting for example. I laughed and said we don’t have experience with raising kids and sometimes we need help. The COTC said, “Yeah, I can tell sometimes!”

I said “Exsqueeze me?” And he said “I can tell you don’t know how to parent sometimes.” I pressed for an example, but by then he’d heard himself and clammed up. Maybe when I put some cigarettes out on his tummy tonight, he’ll remember. HEY! I’m kidding.

But it was slightly funny.

This is the scene from bed, 11pm last night. Fear not: it’s not nasty. (I have a friend who sent me a pic of Ron Jeremy at the Blazer game last night – talk about nasty.)

This was my life last night: my job, kicking my arse all over the place.

I’m working on that PROJECT FROM HELL from my last job (in my new role) and I think I’m having PTSD or something. I can’t think my way out of a paper bag lately, especially when it has to do with that PROJECT FROM HELL.


One Response to “And lo, I didn’t need that too”

  1. harrismr1 Says:

    Love you, girl. You got this.

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