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Fear Itself January 26, 2015

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My dudes. I’m going to be 45 in a week or so.


1. Where has the time gone?

2. How can I maximize the next 40 years?

3. What am I waiting for?

Well, I love a list and I’m contemplating some kind of 2015 list of things to do – things that would challenge me and make me streeeetttttch for age 45.

I’m giving myself until my bday to come up with said list.

Meanwhile, I did just do something that I’m extremely narvous and uptight about…I signed up for an ART CLASS taught by a real-live artist. I know I’m crafty as heck, but I’m not artistic. I can’t draw to save my life. But I’ve wanted to learn more about it, always, so I am taking this class. I am the very definition of “sketch-phobic,” people. But ain’t no time like the present – why wait until “when I retire?”

I’m petrified and also super excited. I may just get REALLY brave and post my drawings on this here blog. IF YOU’RE LUCKY.

Watercolor? I’m interested!

Hand-Lettering? Tell me more!

Fancy borders? WELL SIGN ME UP, M—F–.

(the above is stolen from my 2nd favorite tweet OF ALL TIME).


One Response to “Fear Itself”

  1. aulubu Says:

    That class looks rad! I can’t wait for the review.

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