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Make Up January 8, 2015

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Time for a Cosmetic Update. ALERT THE MEDIA!

If you’re in a Walgreens and see this cheapie lippy – BUY IT. The brand is Jordana and it’s $2.49 and it’s GREAT for $2.49. I’m all about the mattes lately…and the bright pink, inspired by my CRAZY friend Kim.

Jordana appears to be a very low-rent brand. The packaging is terrible. Gold?! GET IT TOGETHER, JORDANA. But for two dollah forty nine? BANGIN bright matte lippy. For reals. Someone at work complimented my wips today, then noticed my green nails and my orange/red shoes and said “You are DIALED IN today.” I was wearing a chartreuse shirt and you might be thinking, “And did you drive a clown car to work? Is your nose a big red ball?” But you’d be wrong. Color is FUN.

Someone at work has a little mirror on her desk that says “Lipstick = Confidence.” I just noticed it today and gave it a big thumbs up. Because my bright bright lippy puts a spring in my step. Either that, or I’m settling into myself FINALLY, at age 44.9. I’ll take either one, y’all.

(But if you want the real, legit best matte lippy you gotta go with Lime Crime. Only available online and 10x the price but DAMMMMMMN it’s double bangin’. Trust.)


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