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Nailssssss January 7, 2015

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I got narvous tonight and pulled off all my chevron striped nails that I just did last night!!

But the good news is I replaced them with my new fave, Slapper, by butter London. I think it may be my new jam. Signature color. I love it so much.

The bad news is that I just got done painting them and it’s time for bed. But I was a dummah and didn’t put on my pjs first. So now I’m fully dressed and mah nails are wet. Guess I’m sleeping in my jeans, tshirt, bra, sweater, earrings and watch! BALLS!!

Some good news: my sweet Baby Z made it from the Chess Club to the Chess TEAM at his new school. This means he’ll have two sessions per week for the month of January (hi, do any parents work? That means no school bus, FFS!) and then the top ten scorers from January will go to the regional tournament 2/7. Cross your fingers for my Little Man.

My other Little Man, B, has a written test for the Geo Bee state competition next week before school. Srsly, how do folks with inflexible jobs manage all this before-school and after-school bznss? Punching a time clock would be hard with all this and that. Or being a time clocker AND single?! Lawsy Mercy. I have another mom helping with Z tomorrow after chess…we got one days notice of the new 2x/week practice schedule (thanks for that 22 hour notice! That is SUPER helpful!). I was texting with her to make arrangements and am SO grateful. I asked what I can do to help her out since she’s so generous with her time. She said, “it’s no extra time to have Z.” I think she takes me very literally. She’s Hungarian. So…I texted that I was at the grocery store, did she need anything?!? I offered to get it and drop it off to her (going near her place to pick up Z from basketball) but she declined. I must remember about her Literal nature and my Ridiculous nature and be aware of how I communicate. I wouldn’t want to say things like “I SHIT MY PANTS AT BLAH BLAH BLAH” and have her think I really do number two in my drawers, you know?? Or “OMG I’M GOING TO SLIT JASON’S THROAT” and have her call the police if he turns up dead someday. I like the drama talk. But I don’t (knock on wood) poop my pants and I don’t plan to (yet) (today) murderize my huz. What’s “hyperbole” in Hungarian?

Actually, the favor I try to return to her is to pronounce her name correctly. Everyone else (we have the same friends via kid sports) says her name in American Style, which is to say: say it as it looks, not considering that DIFFERENT LANGUAGES HAVE DIFFERENT SOUNDS FOR LETTER COMBINATIONS. I don’t want to write her name, but a good example is that her name is Denise and people call her Denise, but it’s really pronounced Dee-Nah-SHAY. I try to call her Dee-Nah-SHAY, but I get narvous about it and it sounds more like “Dee….Nah….SHAY????”

She prob wishes I’d just call her Denise. She’s a nice woman. And her son is nice. I love Z’s new school! And I love parents who help. There are good peeps in our little community. I bitch about the ‘burbs, but really: we got it gooooooood up in the 97224.

And yes, someday I will prob slip up and call her Jean Naté. Who could blame me???? I’m a dumb Amrrrrrrican raised in the 70s and 80s. Of COURSE YOU’D THINK OF JEAN NATÉ!!

And if you don’t know what Jean Naté is, just quit reading this blog. You’re too young.

Maybe my nails are dry now. I’d love to get this over the shoulder boulder holder off!


2 Responses to “Nailssssss”

  1. iCount Says:

    I had been Jean Natè-Ing her name from the very first dean-nah-shay you wrote. Guess I’m in the right demo. for le blog!

  2. JLew Says:

    Awe. It’s like old Frog and Toad. I laugh and laugh.

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